Thursday, February 12, 2004
where there's lemons, there's lemonade!
*yAWn* I just had me a nice long nap. I feel I deserve it, I had a crap night's sleep. Happy to report: headache be gone! Whew, another day of that and I was going to be out of my mind.

Last night I met up with a friend of mine that I haven't seen for a few months. She has been dealing with some harsh personal problems, including her brother having terminal cancer. It was really good to finally see her, I've been worried. We got together for coffee and I just sat there and listened for about an hour straight offering the occasional nod and reassuring touch of the arm. I couldn't believe all that she has and will be going through. Sometimes you have to wonder what the master plan is when you hear about SO much grief piled on to one person's plate.
After that it was my turn to catch up, though my talking was considerably shorter. I almost felt bad describing how happy I've grown over the last few months, but then I thought, it's MY turn to be happy, damnit. I'm allowed.

Anyway, it was great to see her. I had forgotten how much I miss talking to her, for she is truly one the very last people who knows ALL my deep dark secrets. In fact she may well be the last, now that I think about it......
After that I came home and took some pills for that headache of mine and watched Lost In Translation; my darling neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie, had left it at my door for me to watch. I thought it was a fantastic movie! I had no expectations, but it really surprised me with how funny it was. I don't think it's everyone's type of movie (it keeps a slow pace the entire movie) but if you've ever traveled to a foreign country and felt out of place you'll appreciate this movie.

This morning I woke up after a terrible night's sleep, and though my headache was gone I was feeling horribly nauseous. I'm not sure why I felt so ill, but it kept me from going to work yet again. I got e-mailing Princess Blondie and she suggested I go with her to see her herbalist. I decided I would dare to be different and try her "voodoo doctor" and see what he could suggest for my headaches. As it turns out, it was very interesting indeed!
First interesting thing was the name of the clinic: Elohim. That's the Hebrew word for God (one of many names, actually). What makes it interesting is that the herbalist isn't Jewish. A very lovely Spanish man to be sure, but not Jewish. lol In fact I liked him a lot. I told him of my problems with my breathing, my stomach, and my headaches. He examined me and handed my some bottles of 'herbal goodness' that he suggested I try. He did the same for Princess Blondie (we went in together) and we were done. I've tried everything else for my head and stomach problems, so I'm game for trying this. I'll keep you appraised as to whether or not I see any benefits.

And now that I have had a nap, I'm ready for Survivor night over at Princess Blondie's place (seems we just can't spend enough time together today!). Always fun with her and her boyfriend Bruno. And then I am heading to a late night concert with a friend of mine down at the Horseshoe Tavern. Ten years ago or so we went to see Buckwheat Zydeco (when we were dating) so when he heard Buckwheat was back in town he called me up and suggested we go. :-) Should be really fun, I look forward to it. Buckwheat has this crazy New Orleans music that you just can't help but dance to. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is fun music.

One last thing..... I got a Valentine's Day card in the mail from my mom and dad (ok, she signed it for my dad, he probably has no idea about it). Sometimes my mom even manages to surprise me.