Thursday, October 30, 2008
blame the Jews!
this is too funny not to pass along.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Monday, October 27, 2008
technical help please!
Alright, so I was one of those fools who.. back in tha day... thought it would be better to have separate archive pages instead of a list of months in my sidebar. Now I get an error when I click on my archive pages coz things have moved around so much over the years thanks to Blogger, and I have no idea how to fix that on a custom template. Anyone out there clever enough to tell me how to fix it? Pretty please?

a piece of cheese made me nibble and finally bite
I really wasn't sure if I was going to bother writing again or not; I'm sure my audience has dwindled away (can't blame ya!) and crazy things have kept me away, including time in and out of the hospital. Not exactly good times, but it's all character building, right?

Something interesting has drawn me back, actually; an email from someone who happened upon my blog, and after reading it some, had written to me to share his views. Now, if you cruise my last few entries you will see that I often attract religious fanatics that need to express their views in an often offensive and in-your-face manner. I accept what comes, as it is part of what is to be expected when you put yourself out there, and especially when you declare yourself an Israel lovin' Jew. From time to time this has caused "a lively debate" ;-)

In this recent email however, my interest has been piqued, for the gentleman writing (a) used his name and didn't hide behind the cowardly "anonymous" title that so many do, and (b) though his religious beliefs are strong and expressed in the email, they are genuine, inoffensive and even insightful. I was surprised to see that this fellow even went so far as to "overlook" my 'habits and tattoos', which is always appreciated. Thankfully I'll be okay if I just repent.

But I digress.
His email actually came at a very timely point in my life, you see; his email discusses my dreams (I have a dream blog as well, that he had read a bit of, though I have not kept up with) and lately my dreams have come back with a vengeance and more vividly than ever. In the past my dreams often kept me up at night, had me dreading going to bed, or fearing for events that may unfold. Sometimes they were foreboding, sometimes they were violent, sometimes they told of things to come, and sometimes they were lucid. When I had gone too long without sleep I often had a hard time sorting out what I had dreamt and what had really happened. Wacky stuff, I highly recommend avoiding it by doing what you need to in order to get sleep.

But I have digressed again!
My point is, while this chap does indeed have some underlying motive for writing (including a link to his blog, though the link doesn't work) he has sparked at least an interest in me to get back to writing here again. I began this blog long ago and it has seen me travel to Israel and back 3 times, fall in and out of love, and struggle with life and all it's obstacles. I wondered if perhaps it served it's purpose, but perhaps one's need to write and share such things ebbs and tides; right now I am in love again, in the midst of buying my first home and planning for my future. Is that interesting enough to write about? Or shall I rekindle my old roots in which I wrote about Israel, with all her politics, up and downs, and religious dichotomy? Perhaps a little from column A, a little column B....

I'm going to rekindle my dream blog again as well. I might as well write about what's been keeping me up for the past month or so. Perhaps my new friend can offer his interpretations, and maybe you will see fit to do so as well. While I may not agree with all of my new friend's views I always welcome debate, insight and friendly sharing of ideas, thoughts and beliefs. It's how we best learn and grow from each other.

With his permission, I may put up the email he wrote me, a little later. Check back.

UPDATE: here's the email.. take from it what you will, but keep an open mind. Disagree or agree, however you feel compelled, but keep it fair. Keep the conversation intelligent and know that slandering or defamation of *anyone's* religion will not be tolerated.

Dear Celestial,

I just read your post about your very vivid dreams. I was taken back by your last post about your walking through blood and the blood running down from the mountain. Celestial what you are seeing is a dream from God. Scripture teaches that two huge future battles will be waged in northern Israel in the near future. One battle in Megetto, northern Israel, it is prophesied that the blood will run like a river as high as the horses bridle.

The nation of Israel will be going through a time of trouble like nothing in the past or will be in the future. I haven’t written any posts in my blog about these battles but I will in the near future. My blog url is

Celestial, God is calling you to be closer to him. Often times God called many of the great prophets by dreams and visions. The very fact that you are questioning your Jewish heritage and viewpoints is a strong indication of Gods call on your life. Contrary to popular belief we don’t get good enough and then God uses us. God takes us were we are and transforms our lives from the inside out. I don’t question your habits or your tattoos; God doesn’t look on the outside he looks on your heart. He has put a desire for himself on your heart. Being a nice Jewish girl as the other posts say is like somehow you have a code of life to live up to, and it just won’t cut it. Nobody can be perfect before God. God knew you and formed you before you were born. God loves you. God gave you those dreams to get you questioning what was real and what was not in the world. Without your dreams there would be no way that we would be having this conversation.

In the last month God has called me to reach out to the Jewish people and tell them to repent before him. I didn’t know any Jewish people, I worked for a Jew when I was a kid but that was it. I wrote some posts in and I came across your blog.

For the last 32 years I have been studying scriptural prophecy, what the word of God says about the future to come.

What I like about you Celestial is that you write God not G..od or G-d. God says we can come boldly before his throne of grace. I am going to ask God to give you more dreams, pleasant dreams about him. From your ATM dream you have a good understanding of right and wrong, good and bad influence. You somewhat understand the working of the devil. You need to say to the Lord, I hear you Lord and I want to follow you. In your speaking to God ask him to forgive you of your sins. He will forgive you of every sin that you have committed in the past and every sin that you will commit in the future, what a bargain.

I will send you a new url that will give you more answers. I will also e-mail you future posts that you may enjoy reading. If you don’t want me to send this material just e-mail and ask that I stop sending it.

Celestial the land of Israel has a very exciting future. I am excited for your love for Israel and its people. God’s word says that Israel will be the head of all nations and not the tale. Israel will be a land of peace and prosperity, The Jewish people will take their proper position of honest leadership throughout the world. You may say, that will be the day. God is re-gathering his people and it is no wonder that you are one of them.

You have a gift in your writing even if it is edgy you tell it from your heart, keep it up.

I will be praying for you, and I will be asking God to make himself real to you in your everyday life. Be sure to watch for him doing miracles in your life.