Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Oh boy.... it's happening again. That itch that needs to be scratched.....
The need for a tattoo.

It's been a number of years since my last tattoo (sounds like I'm in a confessional...) and frankly I thought I had managed to overcome the desire after only three, but in the last few days I have spent hours on various websites trying to hone my desires down to one concept. I have it down to two ideas and I will work out with my man Travis what we will do in the end. I am beyond excited about it and all going well I might get it on Sunday. Stay tuned on that front, coz this tattoo is gonna be a BIG one.

Having spent hours upon hours on various tattoo sites I can safely say I cannot always account for people's choices. I mean, we often make choices with our tattoos that we might not feel as strongly about later, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ever tattoo myself with the word "slut" as I saw *repeatedly* on women. I have no idea why they thought that was a good idea.

Here are some other gems I found... be sure to click the pic for a larger image.

Oh HERE'S a beauty!!! Taking two of the most cliched tattoos (the butterfly and the dolphin) and COMBINING them!!! Wow, there are no words for such a monstrosity, let alone one so very large on the girl's back. The only consolation is that she won't have to look at it all the time. She can kinda forget it's there.

This one you should really click on to enjoy the full size... go ahead, I'll wait here. Stunning, isn't it? Sure is! And that's right, you're seeing a chicken dressed up as a nun! And why not, really. It was my first choice for my next tattoo but upon seeing this I didn't want to come across as a copy cat, so.....

A strangely recurring/common theme in the tattoo world is one of the male and female genitals. Disturbingly, they are often mutated into creatures or monsters or.... well... just have a look at this "cockstrich". I'm not sure what I like more about it.... the old school military garb on the guy riding it or the seemingly superfluous cupid with an erect penis flying overhead. I cannot possibly imagine what this person was going for, I really can't.

Perhaps the cockstrich chap is friends with this fella who thinks penises also make beautiful butterflies. Really? Because I gotta tell ya.... a penis is not exactly the most attractive part of a man, no matter how you try to pretty it up. The squirting ejaculation doubling as antenna are a nice touch. Pure class, gentlemen.

Here's one my sister-in-law would appreciate, given that she too is a librarian. This is like some kinda badd-ass rogue librarian.... coz whoever heard of a librarian who gets tattoos?? Kudos to the librarian who goes against social expectation!

Now HERE'S a tattoo I can get behind.... a cereal themed tattoo! I mighta chosen something closer to my heart like Booberry or Frankenberry, but Toucan Sam gets my respect just the same. In fact, hats off the person who loves his cereal so much that it required a tattoo love-profession. Even *I* don't love my cereal that much and anyone who knows me knows I loves my cereal.

And last but not least...... I of course need to give a nod to something in Hebrew. This one has a Matrix feel to it, which gives it bonus points. You can't go wrong combining two loves (unless of course it involves butterflies and dolphins in which case you might need to have your head examined).

Alright, that's it for now. Perhaps I shall entertain you with more again.... this has been an amusing way to start the day. ;-)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008
drum roll please....
Ooo, it's very exciting. It's like waiting for your acceptance letters to see which university/college you got into. As I was munching on my delicious bowl of Vanilla Mini Wheats this morning my mother shouted out a mail call; my MRI letter is here. Eek! How exciting! What will the magical date be?? August? September??

Here in Canada such diagnostic procedures may well be free but it means waiting for months on end to get an appointment. I had to wait nearly 2 months just to see the liver specialist who then spoke to me for 10 minutes and set me up with yet more tests months in the future. My ultrasound is in August but I lucked out with my MRI and have an appointment at the end of July. So high is the demand for such appointments that they actually run the machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I guess when it's free people are more willing to go and doctors are more willing to dole out the procedure. *shrug* By the time this is over it will have taken probably about 8 months to get an answer about what this tumour is on my liver. Good thing they don't think it's malignant, but just to be sure......

Anyway, screw all that. Guess what!?!?
I got me a PROMOTION yesterday!! Yay!! Finally better pay and title for what I have already been doing for a year or more now! Woot woot! You may go ahead and call me the senior training and merchandising specialist for eastern Canada. Or senior sales rep, if that's easier. lol!

Monday, May 19, 2008
things I would rather do than my paperwork
1) play with my cats. feed my cats. snuggle with my cats. take pictures of my cats.

2) go on Facebook and create more flair.

3) break open the fresh box of crayons I got from the dollar store yesterday and draw and/or colour something. Maybe I could finally colour my Cat Castle.

4) play some ridiculous game I just found called Comboll. The music is weirdly hypnotic and I cannot help myself.

5) Stumble Stumble. Stumble. If you have not discovered the joy/addiction of StumbleUpon I advise you to stay away. Far away. Whatever you do, do not TRY IT. You will end up clicking the Stumble button over and over and over again like a rat looking for his reward.... just one more click..... one more... You will lose hours of your life and have no explanation for it. It's best you claim you were abducted by aliens.

6) catch up on shows I've missed or always wanted to watch on Surf The Channel, the world's best website ever.

7) play Titan Quest. Yes I'm a she-geek, shuttup. You know it's hot.

8) ponder my love for peanut butter.

9) read Battlestar Galactica forums and lay my bets on who the final cylon is.

10) make a big bowl of popcorn and a giant glass of Airborne. The lunch of champions! (and those sick with a cold)

11) sing the ole Richie Valens song, Oh Donna, loudly and out of key while tapping my fingers along on my desk.

12) Laugh at stupid people. Repeatedly.

Really, I'd rather do just about anything than my paperwork.

Sunday, May 18, 2008
StumbleUpon creepiness
I just received a message on StumbleUpon that read:

5:08pm Hi,

I would seriously love to buy a pair of your well-worn shoes or boots!


Dear bootlicker503:

Um.. no.
Thanks, but ew.

celestial blue

back by (semi-)popular demand
First of all, I commend anyone who has the patience to check back here to see if I've written anything. And thanks to those who raised their hands.

Without further ado, let me catch you up on the last few months....

- I believe I last left off saying I was heading to Atlanta for work. I spent a week in cold rainy weather in sales meetings all day. I'd like to say it was exciting but it really wasn't. Luckily I love the people I work with, so it was fun in that respect. A week later a tornado went through Atlanta and hit the hotel I had stayed in. Did I mention that my one big fear is tornadoes? *gulp*

- After I got back from Atlanta I had all of a few days to pack and move out of my apartment and back in with the parents. It was a nightmare and I am still looking for the box with all my shoes. I finally gave up and just bought new shoes.

So far living with the parents is going quite well and we all get along famously. My cat is happy to have me home and is stuck to me like glue at all times (this very moment included). The plan is to knuckle down and save money for a year to buy my own place. So far so good, I have my credit cards paid off and now I have a line of credit to pay off from my last trip to Israel.

- After getting an ultrasound back in February that showed some kind of tumour on my liver I had been waiting 6 weeks to see the liver specialist (welcome to Canada where it's free if you don't mind waiting a few months!). I finally saw said doctor last week who promptly took 7 vials of blood and told me I will be getting another ultrasound and an MRI to determine whether or not this tumour should be removed (he doesn't think it's malignant, but wants to be sure with the MRI). Lucky me, I get to wait until August.

- In an exciting, if not surreal, set of events.... I was standing in a post office filling out paperwork for a package when suddenly an SUV drove through the front of the store. Yeah you heard me. I just sort of stood there in shock for a moment... and asked the guy who owns the place (he was behind the counter).... "Did that really just happen?" Indeed it did and at that point the fella behind the wheel was now backing out of the store taking half the front of it with him and just missing my car by inches. After a few more frozen moments I walked outside to check on the driver and assess the damage. Eventually 2 fire trucks and an ambulance appeared, and of course, all kinds of cops. I had to stick around for an hour to give my statement and to be the voyeur by taking pictures on my cell phone. It was a crazy, crazy day.

- I'm kinda cooking up another blog..... I'll share when it's ready (probably tomorrow) but want to make sure I start to get back into the rhythm of writing again first. Blogging was much easier when I wasn't on the road so much, and often by the time I get home I just wanna crash. The new blog will be themed, so that should help. Pet lovers will enjoy. ;-)

- work is kicking my butt the last few months, and the last few weeks in particular. I'm hustling for a promotion, so it's all work and no play for this girl. If living with the parents didn't cramp this single girl's lifestyle, working long hours will do it. Dating has become a write off as I have time for little more than work and sleep. I'm a fun girl.

- a special shout-out goes to Mulder in Israel for being persistent enough to keep trying to reach me; you are a better friend than I am. I miss you! And to My Big Gay Daddy who remembered it was my 9 year celebration/birthday yesterday; you were only one of two who remembered. I adore you with all my heart for remembering.

Nu? Was that enough for now? If I think of anything else I shall post again.

Friday, May 16, 2008
gone gone gone, she's been gone so long..
So I was going to sit down and write out a big post about all that has happened in the last 3 months but then I thought...... is anyone even still coming here?

Raise your hand if you're still here and I will toss a nice fat post on the ole blog.