Wednesday, March 07, 2007
what'sthat? a blip on the radar?
I know, I disappeared again. It all started with California and then back to a crazy workload. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, however.

Regular programming will resume soon and when I return I will post pictures from California. In case you thought it was all fun and games allow me to assure you it wasn't. Have you ever been to a sales conference? Endless hours of soul-sucking talks of product and sales figures. Zzzz... A whole day and half went by in which I didn't even smell fresh air. Hotel room> meeting rooms> dining hall> hotel room to sleep. Repeat. All for the better anyway, it was quite cold for most of my stay. "Sunny California" is a lie, I tells ya.

There is light at the end of the work tunnel as well. While I was busy disappearing off the radar I was doing interviews and miracle of miracles, we have finally hired another person for my area. My territory will finally shrink and my drives up north are coming to end (not the drive east, however). Not so good for trips to see Grandma, but better for my sanity and safety in the winter. I was supposed to head north yesterday, for example, but there was a 75 car pileup on the highway I needed to take because of a snowstorm. Yikes.

As a side note, the girl I chose to hire was an Iranian Muslim. See that? And they say Jews and Muslims can't get along! I was actually the one who pushed for her to apply, interviewed her and convinced my district manager to hire her. I'll be working closely with her and we get along smashingly! Ha! And they say it can't be done! Let peace begin right here, baby!!

Anyway, I am packed and heading out now. I will return Friday night, and on the weekend I will post pictures and regale you with stories of fun, misery and travel.
Be back soon!