Tuesday, February 03, 2004
close encounters
I've added a new link to my blogroll for Rat. Go pay him a visit and show his (relatively) new blog a little support. I especially like to hear him discuss the hardships of catching a good wave to surf when my morning was spent commuting for 45 minutes in a complete blizzard. Of course, I love big storms like this so who am I to complain? Then again I have always wanted to go to Australia, and this storm reminds me that Rat is someone I'd like to trade places with for a few reasons right about now. *sigh* I need to get certified in diving and I need to go to the Great Barrier Reef!!! *crycry* I think I'll be buying another lottery ticket this week. lol Dare to dream, baby!!

So let me tell you about my encounter with Grocery Gateway last night. I was scheduled for a delivery between 9 - 10:30pm, which normally isn't a problem since I'm usually up late, but by 9:30pm I was really regretting my decision; I was extremely tired and had to get up early the next morning. Finally at 10:25pm the delivery guy called to say he'd be there in 15 minutes (they are always supposed to call to let you know they're on their way). Now I'm friggin' mad coz it's really getting late and I'm whipped and dying to go to bed. Finally the guy arrives on my doorstep at 10:50pm, and as he is bringing in the groceries I am plotting the venomous e-mail I am going to write to Grocery Gateway about how late the service was and perhaps threaten them that I would never use their service again (hey, I average about $140 each time!). Oh yes, this was going to be one bitter letter, I thought.

Then as the young man hands me my bill for payment he asks me a question:

Deliver Guy: "You... speak Hebrew?"

At first I'm shocked...what would even make him ask that?? Oh...DUH...maybe the Hebrew alephbet letters on my fridge??? (much like the alphabet magnets you can get for a child to put on the fridge, I have Hebrew ones) And only now do I hear his thick Israeli accent since we had not spoken until now.

me: "Do I speak Hebrew? haha...well, I'm trying. Desperately. I'm learning...I have classes I go to.."

(now I feel really embarrassed for some reason. maybe a bit silly for having these magnets on my fridge)

We talked briefly about Israel and his reasons for coming here with his family. I tried to figure out how old he was, and if he had served in the army. I decided his family probably brought him here before he had to serve. He spoke fondly of Israel and his desire to go back one day, but he also talked of how financially challenging it is to live there. As he said : "Even if you have a really good job, you don't make a lot of money".

We talked a bit about my trip last year and how very much I wish I had the money to go back. The two of us just sorta stood there for a minute dreaming of Israel and then he asked me "but...you are Canadian? no?". I think he was confused by my extreme desire to learn Hebrew and to go back to Israel. I again felt a bit embarrassed for some reason (yikes, do I seem THAT Canadian?? is that a bad thing??) I think mostly felt embarrassed because I just seemed so.....white. LOL. Like a cultureless little white Canadian girl dreaming of far away lands.
I don't know, I can't explain it.

Anyway, it was nice talking to him and when he left I cursed him a bit coz now I can't go and write that angry letter to the company. I have a soft spot for Israelis, what can I say?? Damnit! He's lucky I liked him....coz OOO that was gonna be a bitter, bitter letter!!

Oh well. At least I can enjoy another glorious snow storm! WHEEEE!!!