Thursday, February 05, 2004
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Stunningly, I seem to have even less to say today than I did yesterday. Egads, does this mean I'm becoming woefully boring, or that I'm becoming happier and so my rants are fewer and far between?? Nah, must be because there wasn't anything exciting in the news today.

Here, let's try a little Toronto can be exciting, I swear! Like....uh...well ok! ok...Conan O'Brien is taping his shows here all next week!! Crazy friggin' guy, doesn't he know how cold it is here in February?? haha... Sounds like it's going to be pretty funny actually, I can't wait to watch.

What else? Hmm.....well there's a big story going around here about dogs being poisoned in a local park. Seems the dog owners and non-dog owners have had an ongoing feud, and someone tried to bring it to an end. Unreal, I'm a little stunned by the whole thing. We Canadians fancy ourselves an animal loving people, so for some asshole to go and poison dogs like that.....tsk. Makes me angry. One dog has died with a dozen others sick; an investigation is underway, and the park has been closed off. Crazy stuff, man.

And uh....yeah. I got nothing else, gang. Sorry. Work was long, and tonight is Survivor. WOOT WOOT! And everyone get ready we're about to get another big storm!!! What could be better!?!? Booyah! Life is good. :-D