Thursday, April 27, 2006
she's alive! Alive I tell you, ALIVE!!!
I know, I know.... where have I been? Just as I promise the dust has settled it seems to get kicked up again. With a friend coming in from out of town for the weekend last Friday I was doing the mad dash to get moved into my apartment and settled in. Only last Thursday did I finally sleep my first night in my new home. The next 4 days were spent with company and with an internet setup that simply wasn't functioning. I won't even get into details on what was wrong with it, but I will offer this bit of advice: when calling internet tech support, if you do not get it fixed with the first tech support agent call back and try again. Three agents later (and me about to cancel my internet) I finally got the right guy who fixed my situation in 2 minutes flat. I was enraged and thrilled all at the same time. *shrug*

I am in my own home now and slowly settling in and making it my own. My father has helped me tremendously by building me everything from a closet organizer to a kick-ass entertainment unit for my tv. Work hasn't settled down quite as I had hoped because I now have to go out and train all kinds of people in over 30 stores; a rather time-consuming task given that some stores are 4 hours away. Once the training is done things will finally, FINALLY, begin to settle down. Yeah, I know... I've said that before.

I feel like I should be saying more in this post.... perhaps commenting on world events, the birth of TomKitten or Holocaust Remembrence Day, but it feels too heavy. I am out of blogging practice and I need to ease back in. Just know that it *has* been on my mind.... as have all of you! Thanks for checking back, I know I haven't offered much in the way of entertainment.

Here... how about a picture of the view from my new balcony! (for those even remotely familiar with the Toronto area, that is Yonge Street south.... and waaaaay off in the distance there is the CN Tower).

Now I am off to work a bit more and then pack for another road trip. I'm heading up north to combine work with pleasure; I have a store setup and training session Friday/Saturday... and I'll be seeing my sweet grandma. Always good for the soul. I won't be able to post again until probably Sunday night..... see you then! No really!! *wink*

Monday, April 17, 2006
happy sad
I was going to write about how happy and excited I am about my new apartment, but I woke up to find out that a suicide bomber has struck in Israel. Kinda takes away from my joy a bit and makes for a lousy way to start the week.

Off to start contacting people I know to make sure they are ok.....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Speed Demon
See that picture on the left? Go ahead, click it for a larger image. That would be the 20 minute blizzard that hit my neighbourhood last Tuesday. This Tuesday we were walking around in t-shirts and enjoying the warm sun. Sometimes I wonder about this country...

Anyway, I am back and I survived my time submerged in the French culture of Quebec. Historically the French and I have not gotten along well but it was easier having my French co-worker there to deflect any would-be conversationalists away from me. Whew. Actually, it was an interesting trip as I have not set foot in old Quebec City for some 18 years or so. As a kid I think I failed to understand the rich history and appreciate it's beauty.

I arrived in Montreal Thursday afternoon where my colleague picked me up and promptly drove me 3 hours to Quebec City. We worked a little and then headed to the hotel to drop off our stuff and walk around the city. It was quite late by this point so options for dining were unfortunately limited and window shopping was the only way to indulge the 'shopping bug'. The next day we had better luck as we finished up work at a reasonable hour and did a little sight-seeing around town. More pictures can be found over on my photoblog if you are curious.

I returned home Saturday afternoon and proceeded to veg out for the rest of the day as I was completely exhausted. Staying up too late and traveling do NOT mix. Sunday I had to head to work again for a few hours in order to train some store staff.

As I drove to the store late in the morning I cruised through an area that I know, I KNOW, is bad for cops who like to dole out speeding tickets. However, I had a lot on my mind and didn't have the foggiest clue what speed I was going when I spotted the cop car. Groaning because I knew it was too late, so I began to pull over and wait for him to catch up. I knew I was screwed.

Indeed the red flashing lights were behind me in no time and young gentleman approached my car; I already had pulled out my license and insurance information and had it waiting. I rolled down my window and he informed me that he had clocked me going 100 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. I simply replied with "Okay". He paused a moment, I suppose expecting excuses or protest, and upon hearing none asked to see my information. He didn't seem to be bothered that the addresses on my license and insurance didn't match (one has my new address, the other my old) and then he said he was going to run my license, to which I nodded. Again he seemed perplexed at my lack of interaction but what am I going to say?? I don't believe in protesting because I am in the wrong and I know it. What is there to say? "I'm late for work??" Like that is even a good excuse? No, so I shut up. Hard to believe, but I am capable and this is one of those magical times.

So there I sat for over 7 minutes as he ran my license through his computer (which I was confident he would find squeaky clean) and I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be late for my appointment. Oh well, my fault. Eventually the cop came back and told me he reduced the ticket to only 15 km/h over instead of 30 which meant no points and a fine of only $52. I gave a weak smile and said thanks as I took the ticket from him, and again he paused wondering why I had only said 2 words the whole time. Admittedly this gave me a quiet joy to know that I had confused him so much.

A great way to start the week, non? And such a wonderful reward for going above and beyond by working on the weekend. My Sunday improved as I later joined my dad and brother as they moved my stuff into my new apartment where it is currently all over the place in boxes. Nothing has been set up yet (bed, couch placement, etc) but hopefully I will set up house and home by this weekend and formally move it. Finally. I hate paying rent on a place I'm not even living in!

I wish everyone a great week, and to those celebrating ..... Chag Sameach/Happy Passover. May your seder be quick and the food delicious. ;-) Oh, and a special thanks to My Big Gay Daddy, Sam, for his love advice. Thanks, I needed it... and I love it when you're right. :-*

Thursday, April 06, 2006
Blah blah blah.... leaving to go to the airport again... blah blah... flying to Montreal then driving for 3 hours to Quebec City.... blah blah... back on Saturday, working on Sunday..... blah blah... may be lucky enough to have time to move into my new apartment one day.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
I see a light... in the distance....
Man oh man..... my life has been absolutely silly busy for the last two months. I thought I had reached the end, but the end seems elusive and always just beyond the reach of my finger tips. I had that unexpected plane trip a few days ago and it looks like I'll have another one this week. After THAT I should be done for a while. *fingers crossed*
We shall see.

I got possession of my new apartment this weekend though I haven't really started to move in yet. I have the all-important cable (internet and tv) and telephone set up, so it's a start. Between my flight home on Saturday and my having to go to work today for a few hours, I haven't felt much like moving. My parents and I headed to the new apartment to look it over, discuss blinds and paint, and plan the move. I am *so* not into decorating so I finally just talked my mother into picking my colours for me and my dad to do the painting and building of shelves and organizers. Sweet deal, no? :-) I got me some nice parents. The place looks great and I am pumped about moving in. So bright, with a big balcony and great view... I look forward to it in the summertime.

Work is good though I feel like I am standing on the edge of potential career suicide at the moment; why is it we just can't help but do dumb things even though we know it's dumb? The job is great so why would I make a stupid decision? Coz I'm an idiot who doesn't learn, is why.


So. Home life is good and things are falling into place. Work is going well and I still like it. What else is there...? Life is good, I have no complaints.

On a side note, can I poll my blogging friends and ask..... do you find that maybe you take your online blogging friendships a little more seriously than is maybe healthy? I mean there are some people that I feel a genuine closeness to and when things go a bit wrong I can get seriously bent out of shape about it. Or get upset when they can just kiss me off with a single comment, making me feel like our friendship meant more to me than him/her? Is that weird? Is it odd that I can truly adore someone I've never met and be crushed when things fade away (as online friendships are quite prone to doing)?
Feel free to discuss.

I'm going to go dive into some paperwork and wait for Desperate Housewives.