Monday, July 21, 2008
glutton for punishment? Oh yes I am!
Many a Jew believes that if you are tattooed you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery. This is one of those exciting myths passed down by Rabbis and Jewish moms alike. That's why it was interesting when a friend sent me an article that debates and dispels this very myth...

This should make for a lively debate if certain parties are still milling around my blog...
Here's the article: "For Some Jews, It Only Sounds Like ‘Taboo’"

"But the edict isn’t true. The eight rabbinical scholars interviewed for this article, from institutions like the Jewish Theological Seminary and Yeshiva University, said it’s an urban legend, most likely started because a specific cemetery had a policy against tattoos. Jewish parents and grandparents picked up on it and over time, their distaste for tattoos was presented as scriptural doctrine."

UPDATE: found another great article dispelling the myth, here.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
too easy...
Today's pick has already presented itself to me... and so I give to you the ridiculous headline of the day:

"Pope meets koala, texts pilgrims"

That's right folks, felt that little gem belonged in the top ten headlines this morning, right next to actual relevant headlines such as "US Marine dies from injuries in Iraq" and.. er... "Dozens of catfish 'walk' on street". If you feel particularly moved by the catfish headline, you may go ahead and buy your t-shirt here.


moving right along...
Anyone else interested in flogging a dead horse with an unwelcome and self righteous guest who has scary and narrow minded points view? No? Let's move on then, shall we?

I'd like to start a new feature that I have had rolling around in my head for a long long time now. Until I think of a catchier title for it, it'll be known as the "ridiculous headline of the day". You see..... I spend a lot of time on various news websites throughout the day and offers me an often amusing point of view. It's amusing in that, I enjoy seeing what the folks at CNN consider important news.... important enough to make their headlines at the top/front of their page. If you don't know what I'm referencing, go have a look. We'll wait here.

Ok, so when you go to the webpage you will see the "big" headline of the moment, accompanied by a picture. Then to the right you will see another list of headlines that they deem important enough to make the top 20.... and this is generally where I start to have a good laugh. Allow me to cite an example.

"Cerebral palsy boy mows lawns"

Now before any of you go off on me, I am not laughing AT the boy and his condition (or that fact that he mows lawns in said condition) but I am questioning how this was a headline. Unquestionably, it's a heartwarming story about a boy who is doing things against all odds, but REALLY? A headline?? Why not scroll down and put it in your "Health" or "Living" section?

But here is where I really have to question CNN and their taste; do you not find it just a little bit disturbing that you actually SELL T-SHIRTS with that headline on it?? Has anyone seen this? If you go look at that top 20 list of headlines there are a special chosen few that have a little t-shirt icon next to them that indicates you can actually buy a t-shirt, that in this case says "Cerebral Palsy boy mows lawns" * I just saw it on -7:24pm 07.12.2008"

I kid you not, folks.

It'll go nicely with my "Man sticks finger in big cat cage" t-shirt, don't you think?
Am I the only one who finds this crazy and tasteless?? Blecch.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008
this is a no-judgment zone, thanks very much!
Sometimes having a blog means putting yourself out there and potentially being in the line of fire. I think all of us realize that. It also means that there are people out there that are going to feel that they have the God-given right to come along and read your blog, think they know who you are, and then lay down some heavy judgment.

Know what I REALLY can't stand? Self righteous people. Know what's worse? Self righteous Jews laying judgment on other Jews. It makes me embarrassed to be a Jew, especially when that self righteous clown posts under the name "anonymous", like a coward.

Below you will see two comments made a few hours ago on my blogs, one on my photo blog and one on a post about my tattoo, both by my new friend Anonymous.

The first was in response to some Pride photos I put up in 2005. The rant is as follows:

Honestly, what is your interest in all this junk pride stuff? You, a Jewish girl?

Haven't you learnt in your very short Jewish education that all these lesbians and homosexuals are losing their life on earth?
Do you want to be part of that and also lose your own life on earth, you a JEWISH girl?
If you have learnt one thing about your Jewishness is that these people are not helping themselves in any way by living the SHAMEFUL lives they live.

I do not know if you are lesbian but, if you are, you are simply losing your life. It leads to nowhere and these lesbian "feelings" are just false associations you put in your mind, usually by seeing videos or pictures of these lesbians and perverting your very fragile mind while watching these lesbian videos.

Instead, plan happiness in your life and think of planning a family and having children one day and this path will lead you to TRUE HAPPINESS.
Finding a man in your life is what will bring true happiness in your life, not "admiring" people who have lost their minds and who want to lose the minds of others like you.

You might find these people very friendly. They sure are, as they are always very keen to have as many people join them in their craziness.
You, the Jewish girl, you deserve better for yourself.

Haven't you learnt in your life so far that these people are losing the very short life they have on earth with all this junk pride stuff?
There is nothing to like or to admire or beautiful about people wearing these crazy, sick outfits? NO PRIDE to have for having lost their minds and have become either homosexual or lesbian?

You deserve better than being attracted to all this shit!! Come, you are a JEWISH GIRL, you should know better. You know deep inside you that these people lose their lives, so why "admire" them and find them "beautiful" when they destroy their lives and want you to join them in their self-destruction.


Delete all this junk pride stuff and photograph children and families instead.

I am not here to sermonize you. BUT, wishing you only TRUE happiness, it is my duty to be honest with you, even if you feel that I am too open with you!
I just want you to remember who you are, a Jewish woman, and from where you come from, the Jewish people.
Your past experiences of being a Jewish girl and of belonging to the Jewish people might not have always been great but always remember to differentiate between people claiming to represent Judaism and anything Jewish and the values transmitted by the Tanach.

Take care of you. And G.od bless you and show you the TRUE PATH toward happiness in your life: children. Children brings deep, lasting happiness and, through children, you can claim true pride.
G.od be with you and guide you. Take care.

The second is from the prior post, about my tattoo:

Tattoos, you the Jewish girl? You really have money to waste really!
And many feel sorry later on to have had these tattoos in the first place!!

Come on, use your mind, do NOT let you convince that a tattoo is what you need because, the truth is, you do NOT need a tattoo, you the Jewish girl!

I believe you are in contact with the wrong friends to be influenced in such a bad way to have tattoo, to be fascinated by the pride march junk and so on.

Stop having these contacts and introspect deep into your SELF instead of imitating friends whose influences are no good to you!

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin to comment. Then again, I don't think this even really deserves a comment. I don't know what kind of a Jew YOU are "Anonymous" but I am an open minded and loving Jew who believes everyone in this world deserves love and I shall pass no judgments for how someone chooses to pursue that happiness. What kind of Jewish education did YOU receive that you have been taught such venomous hate and judgment?

It must be a very scary world you live in and I feel terribly sorry for you. I hope one day you find happiness within yourself and don't have to seek it from a man or children in order to achieve it. In fact.. and this may be hard for you to believe..... but at this point in my life, this VERY point..... I have never been happier. And that is the truth.

Imagine that.