Sunday, December 10, 2006
random thoughts, ongoing obsessions
1) I am obsessed with aliens right now. This movie has me enthralled and terrified me when I watched it at 4am. I thought it was mind blowing and apparently I'm not the only one. If you don't believe in aliens I'd love to open up the debate in the comments section. Go for it.

2) Did I mention I'm obsessed with aliens lately? Thanks for keeping me up at night, Discovery channel with your Strangest UFO Stories!! And you too British guy who shows that Nazis were building UFOs!!!

3) I'm also currently obsessed with the idea of getting fit... and love to plan ways to do so, but can't seem to actually get around to doing it. It's ok... I have a plan. I have found the all important motivation! I am going to be in California (Costa Mesa) at the end of February... but will I be willing to get into a bathing suit?

4) Screw you evil, evil cancer.... you're a bastard disease that has taken much of my family and is fixing to take another. There's only a handful of us left, can't you leave well enough alone? How many more times do I have to go through this? Screw you and back off. I don't like you.

5) when I'm not up at night wondering about the aliens that are flying all around our airspace I'm busy worrying about our globe and the horrific climate changes going on. Thanks a bunch, Al Gore.

6) I'm feeling the need to go back to Israel. Gotta scratch that itch. I have an opportunity in front of me to go in February, but it's complicated. Don't know what to do, must weigh consequences...

7) I am absolutely hating bluetooth technology. I got a new headset and it does really annoying things on my new cell phone. I am not at one with my new phone OR my (second!!) bluetooth headset. Nothing like being dragged kicking and screaming into future technology.

8) I am finished my French course and I'll be damned if I take the second level. I can't say I liked my class much and during the final oral exam I accidentally spouted Hebrew instead of French. My brain is confused and so was my teacher, as she cocked her head like a puppy dog. Oops.

Alright, that's it for now... I have to get out the door to work. I feel like I'm in Israel, what with working on a Sunday and all! Believe me, it's not something I care to make a habit of but it's gotta be done this (and next) Sunday. So I'll be gone until Tuesday night.... behave while I'm gone and have a good week!

Monday, December 04, 2006
is this year over yet?
First day back from vacation.
Not quite over whatever sickness I had, but feeling mostly better.
Couldn't sleep until nearly 5am only to be awoken at 8:30am by my mom calling with bad family news. Really bad.
When my vacation ends it *really* ends.
Off to work, and I have the boss in town tonight for dinner and training.
I need a day or two to put my thoughts together. Meanwhile, pick a blog from the blogroll on the right there and try something new!
Ava good week!