Sunday, February 01, 2004
jive talkin'
I've noticed I don't seem to have much to say on Saturdays, as I have not written a post for last two Saturdays now. Maybe because it's my day of rest. My day to do whatever I want, and that often results in nothing exciting to post about. Lounging around isn't what people come on here to read about (incidentally, I wonder why people DO come on here. lol).

Friday night I gathered with a few friends at someone's house and we barbequed some chicken and sausages (picture doing THAT in the blizzard we had here Friday night. we're a hardy bunch, we Canadians are. haha). Then we watched a movie called 24 Hour Party People. If you're a fan of Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order and that type of Manchester music you should check it out, it's very interesting. If you're not it will likely bore you to tears and I'd advise you to steer clear of it.

Yesterday was spent in my home. I cleaned my apartment, which always makes me feel more centered. The rest of the night was spent watching a bit of t.v. and doing lots of Hebrew homework. *couNERDgh* What a wild and crazy night, hunh?? Yeah, no hot dates for me. Don't even ask, but I've recently been reminded of why I hate dating. Once or twice a year I'll be daring and try it again only to be reminded why I avoid the opposite sex much of the time. *sigh* So frustrating.
Oh, and let me mention what NOT to do before going to bed; don't read books like "Can It Happen Again?: Chronicles of the Holocaust" just before you nod off. It can produce some spectacular nightmares, assuming you can get to sleep at all. Reading first hand accounts of what went on in the concentration camps has a way of keeping me awake. Good book though, and I managed to pick it up for only $5! If anyone wants me to pick up a copy let me know, and I'll go get one for you.

What else......
Oh yes, I think it's important to note that it was one year ago today that we lost the space shuttle Columbia. When I saw that in the news today all I could think was, has it really been a year already?? Unbelievable. It was a tragic event that brought many countries together, as there were people of all kinds of races and religions on board that shuttle; we were united in our tragedy. The loss for Israel was beyond devastating, as they lost their very first astronaut. When Ilan Ramon went up in the shuttle it was a huge ray of hope, a beacon of light, for a country struggling to overcome great hardships. Interestingly enough, pages of Ilan's diary have recently been found scattered in Texas and were returned to his wife for translation (they were of course written in Hebrew).
Anyway, I don't mean to single out Ilan as the only great loss in that accident, because it was a huge loss for the world. My heart goes out to the families of the lost astronauts.

I've also noticed in the news that the hits just keep on coming in Iraq. Are we still feeling good about that war, ladies and gentlemen? I'm getting very frustrated with radical Muslim groups committing suicide bombings. It's making it challenging for me to not direct my rage towards Muslims in general, which in turn makes me more mad that I should even have to work this hard at not disliking a group of people. I do not wish to believe all Muslims are bad, because I don't, not at all. But it's hard when there are suicide bombings taking place all over the world and radical Muslim-based groups are more than happy to take the credit for their handiwork. They are proud to become martyrs if it means removing some infidel Jews or Americans. Muslim leaders are destroying the world's perception of the religion by openly and publicly encouraging their people to hate and attack. Grrrr. It makes me so mad. I'm not going to go farther into this today because I'm in a good mood today, and I'm not going to jeopardize that. I'll save that rant for a crappy Monday morning when I need to vent. lol

Meanwhile, about 2 million Muslims have gathered in Mecca for their journey of faith, a pilgrimage called the Hajj. This is an annual event in Saudi Arabia that lasts for five long days. Already things have gone horribly awry as 244 have been killed with an additional 244 injured. Stampeding is often a problem at this event, as can be expected when you get 2 million people together into a small space. It's an unfortunate event, and is sadly not the first time this has happened (and likely won't be the last). New measures had been implemented this year to try and avoid this problem, but clearly they were ineffective, to say the least.

Anyway, I have a lot I want to get done today. I'm gonna get some groceries (online of course, like a good little nerd) and write out a rent cheque to the landlord; I'm gonna try my best to get this to him on time, I'm not always that punctual. Maybe I'll wait until some really late hour, when he's sleeping, and then ring his doorbell to give it to him; that would be a sweet payback for all the night's his woken me up in the last two weeks when he's decided to shovel snow at 1am. Stupid bastard and his obsessive nocturnal shoveling.
I'm also going to begin something new. I'm going to start recording all my spending for the month. I'm not going to try and budget myself yet, I'm just going to track my spending for a month so I can get a better grasp of where all my money is going (pizza comes to mind..). THEN maybe I can think about a budget, as much as I loathe the idea. Can you tell I didn't win the lottery on Friday?

And today is the Superbowl. I personally couldn't care less, but I'm happy for those of you who do. Have fun. As for me, I am eagerly awaiting what comes on AFTER the Superbowl. The All-Star Survivor Season!! woot woot!!

One last thing...can someone tell me why a person would put the words "she clamped my nose" into a search engine? Disturbingly enough it brought that insane person to MY blog. Take from that what you will.