Wednesday, June 20, 2007
forget my dumb belly button.. this is worse!
The motherboard is fried on my computer. This is tragic on so many levels. Losing my computer is like losing a limb.

I think I'm gonna go to my corner for a bit and feel sorry for myself.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
I'm grumpy. Work is making me grumpy. People are making me grumpy.
For this reason I am only going to write in broken thoughts and random tidbits. Proceed with caution as my grumpiness taints all that I write at the moment. You have been warned! }:-D

- I got carded last night buying a lottery ticket. I did a verbal double take when the guy asked for ID. He mumbled the question and so I said "No. Wait.... what? Yes. Did you just ask if I have ID??". He reminded me that one has to be 18 to buy a ticket. I couldn't speak after that, only laugh as I dug around for my license. I'm sure I'm supposed to be flattered that I am over 30 but look 18 but really it felt more like I was on candid camera, coz you MUST be joking.

- I have had 3 dreams in the last week about planes crashing. This is unnerving for someone who doesn't like flying. I also had dreams about co-workers using rocket launchers, and futuristic orange subways/trains that will turn upside down and sideways to get around buildings and obstacles. I won't bother trying to describe it any further as I won't be able to do the vision justice. Just know that it was damn cool and went up and down the sides of buildings.

- I used to really love Carrie Fisher a lot when I was growing up and wanted to be just like Princess Leia (really, what girl in the 80's didn't want to be?). I was even reading her books when I was like, 11, and they were certainly weren't age-appropriate but who cared coz it was written by Carrie Fucking Fisher!! NOW, however, I can't watch her anymore. She's one of the judges on the new talent reality show called On The Lot and she's so annoying it makes me want to cry. I can't even describe why in any detail without getting all worked up, so just believe me when I say I want to slap her and change the channel.

- Speaking of annoying celebrities, I can't muster even the slightest hint of sympathy for Paris Hilton. Po po rich girl who got caught drinking and driving. And then driving after her license got taken away. Boo hoo. I guess I'd have more sympathy if only a good friend of mine hadn't been killed a few years back by a drunk driver. Toss her in jail and let her stew in her own stupidity. I'm quite sure a measly 45 days won't kill the girl. It'll be character building. And aren't we all looking forward to the inevitable made-for-tv movies and books? I can hardly wait. *sigh*

- on a happier note the grocery store around the corner from me (Sobey's) has dedicated almost an entire aisle to "Jewish" food. In other words, they have moved beyond matza ball soup and have a *wide* variety of Israeli goods! I skipped up and down the aisle with glee as I found all kinds of my favourite Israeli gum and chocolate and snacks. Eeeeek!!! Elite chocolate! Klik snacks! Must gum! JOY!!!!!

- ok here's a link to a bizarre article about some kind of crazy fight in Israel over a guy's pet squirrel. "A Ramat Gan resident was indicted at the Tel Aviv District Court Sunday for arson, after he torched a man's motorbike because the latter failed to give him his squirrel." Man, ya just can't make this stuff up.

- a sad and bizarre article about a teenage girl who died from using too much "sport's cream" (aka: Bengay and the like). She was really into sports and I guess used the product often for sore muscles. Who knew you could die from absorbing too much?? Not me, that's for damn sure.

- here's a fine article about how to subdue an 8 year old. Only an ex-schoolyard bully (or elder sibling) could dream up this sort of torture.

Alright, that's it for now. The next entry will be about my belly button, so stayed tuned. Meanwhile I am leaving tomorrow and will be out of town for days on end. I'll be back Sunday night.