Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Alright, I'm not gonna lie...... I was beyond thrilled that Obama was elected. I dare say I even choked back a tear, I was so happy. And at the risk of getting cursed at, it renewed my very deteriorated faith in Americans. Canada is happy and the world is pretty happy. Did you see the world wide celebrations going on??

Hell, I'm going to go against all political correctness and I'm going to just say what's on my mind; I honestly never in a million years thought Americans would vote in a black (I'm sorry, African-American) president (let ALONE one with a name like Barack Hussein Obama!). I just never thought that bible-belt America, or the deep south, could get past their racist tendencies. And yes, I am well aware that not *everyone* in those areas is racist, but they certainly have histories for being so.

So let me just say congratulations, America. I am impressed and I am proud.

And for those who voted McCain and are railing on about how Obama is going to drive the economy into the ground..... well, I think Bush has already done that. Give your new president as much support as you gave your last, and keep an open mind. The time for change has come, and you have voted accordingly.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008
the best Halloween EVER!

I've never been big on Halloween..... until now.
Ladies and Gentlemen..... I am engaged.

All I can say is.... thank god I live in Canada.