Friday, August 17, 2007
what the *BLEEP* is this!?!?

no brain
my brain is still locked up. but don't think I have forgotten that I promised a post.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007
I'm baaaa-ack!
Well that was a helluva sabbatical, wasn't it? In the meantime I got a new car, new computer, (all of which I cannot afford but work necessitates these things), been on the road for upwards of 9 days straight, to been Ottawa, Montreal and a whole slew of other exciting Canadian destinations that most of you have never heard of. Oh and there were 3 funerals and a wedding in that mix too. My life has been, shall we say, a roller coaster.

I'm wondering where to begin again.....
perhaps I need to ease back into this. what topics shall I cover?
work? (bo-ring)
travel (mostly work related.. boring!)
the new car (really, who cares? I turned in my 2006 Accord and got a 2007)
the new computer (*choke* bought within 3 days of the car. I'm so poor!!)
my belly button (ha! and you thought I had forgotten!)

Alright, gimme time to dream up a new and exciting post.
I'll be back