Thursday, February 19, 2004
the hills are alive
Today is one of those days where I am just feeling pretty darn good, and it's partly because it's a beautiful day here in the greater Toronto area. Most would still consider these temperatures freezing cold, but to we hardy Canadians we consider it downright balmy. We begin to get excited because we sense spring in the air, but all that will come crashing down when a storm rolls into town tonight bringing snow and freezing rain. Hey, I don't mind, I like the snow.
But enough about the weather!

I see this crazy Mel Gibson debate isn't going away. I've actually really enjoyed the conversation, I think everyone has brought up some excellent points (wait until the movie is out! then we'll see a debate). In my Hebrew class on Tuesday my teacher asked if any of us had seen the interview; many had, some had not. My teacher started to rant on and on about how crazy Mel Gibson was, and how evil he is. I was shocked and a little disappointed....she's much more educated than that, I thought she would say something with a little more depth, I guess. So I kept my mouth shut lest we launch into a huge debate instead studying Hebrew as we had paid to do. Our class has a way of getting into interesting conversations and forgetting why we're there. Other than that, class was good. My homework is starting to get pretty tough though and I'm trying to not get discouraged. It helps that I have a teacher that is ALL about positive reinforcement. Truly, she's a woman who clearly loves to teach, it's wonderful.

Last night I worked at my new job at the dive shop. Still have to say that it's overwhelming since I know NOTHING of diving, but I get pretty excited just being around the people and the equipment. lol. I can't wait to get diving!!! I think I'll likely start in the next week or two, we'll see. First I have to go shopping for a bathing suit, as I left mine in Israel last summer. Ugh, I hate shopping, let alone for a bathing suit. And maybe someone can explain to me why such a skimpy piece of clothing costs so much, because I sure don't get it.

Today was ok, I did some driving around for work, so that's good. It gets me out of the office and interacting with other people, and it's such a beautiful day to be out and about. I just had lunch with my neighbour, Princess Blondie, and we'll of course be getting together later tonight for Survivor. woo hoo!!
I also have invited my parents over for dinner. I made my first dish in my new slow cooker, so I thought I'd invite my mom seeing as she bought the slow cooker for me; that will make her feel very good about herself. lol. I decided to make myself a nice Jewish dish for my first meal in this new appliance, so I made dafina (or cholent, as some call it). I've actually never made it, but it seems to be good (it's sure not as good as the one my friend's mom makes...I would give anything for somma that!). I put it on last night before I went to bed and damn if the wonderful aroma didn't wake me up at 3am; mmmm...beefy goodness wafting through my apartment!

Anyway, I'd like to leave a few bits of information at the end here. One ties back to my point in the Mel Gibson debate, and has to do with the growing anti-semitism in Europe. Here is an article had on it this morning (hey, if CNN is reporting it, it MUST be true, right? *wink*). You 'll notice the picture in the article shows a swastika spray painted on a Jewish tombstone in France. A problem? Oh, I'd say so. Here's Jerusalem Post's take on the matter. (also, here is an opinion piece from Jerusalem Post on the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ)

Also, here's a good post from Little Green Footballs illustrating the tactics of Palestinian "militants" using children for cover during fighting. This is a favourite tactic of theirs because (a) Israel Defense Forces do everything they can to not kill innocent children, so it really slows them down in a fight (unlike Palestinians who go out of their way to kill women and children on buses) and (b) because if Israel *does* kill a child it is all over the media and makes them look bad. Be sure to at least look at the pics in the post, it says it all; pictures of terrorists hiding behind children in a gun battle. Sickening.