Wednesday, February 18, 2004
all work and no play
I know, I promised an exciting post, but frankly, I'm too tired. Worked both jobs today and I'm pretty sure my brain is melting. I'm trying to muster a little energy to make up a meal for tomorrow, as I have myself a brand new slow cooker. Woot! I couldn't be more excited!!! I've always wanted one, and my mother had a moment of kindness strike her so she bought me one. Eeeek! What shall I make in it first??

Anyway before I fall asleep at my computer (I foolishly got groceries after work so I'm beyond exhausted) let me just say that though I am tired I had a great day. Feeling good about both jobs, though still a little overwhelmed in the new one. I hate not knowing how to do anything. I am doing my best to practice great patience, I know these things take time.

And look at the cool present I got for my beloved neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie; as you can probably figure out, it's a sparkly Princess picture frame. It's perfect coz of her name and coz she loooooves pink. I even put her picture in it for her an everything. Cute, hunh? If you like that girly stuff, I suppose.... haha.