Monday, February 16, 2004
c'est moi
I don't know what's gotten into me today, but I've decided to share a picture of myself. I have never intended to put up a picture of me, but I thought, why not? :-) I'm in a good mood this morning and so I'm feeling all kinds of daring! And now you can compare my pic to the one in the last post when I was about 3 years old. 26 years later the only thing that's about the same is the blue eyes. :-) Much to my mother's disappointment my brother and I got beautiful blue eyes (she wanted us to have gorgeous green ones like she and my dad both have...but recessive genes won! lol)
Anyway, I took this pic just now, so it's about as current as it gets. Now you have a face to go with what you read, something I came to really enjoy on other blogs.

And today I'd like to discuss a Canadian stereotype; the use of the word "eh". I'm not gonna argue that it doesn't happen, because it most certainly does. We Canadians can laugh at it along with everyone else just fine, don't worry. In fact my mother jokes that her business partner doesn't ever say eh until they cross the border, and then sure enough, as soon as he's in the States he starts saying eh like stereotypical Canadian. At one point he whispered to my mother "...omigod, did I just say eh??".

Allow me to explain the purpose of the word "eh".
Eh, quite simply, takes a statement and turns it into a question. Let me illustrate:

statement: "Now that's really good steak!"

question: "Now that's really good steak, eh??"

It allows the speaker to now include someone else in the conversation by drawing them in with a question. Sometimes it seeks a confirmation from a person ("Yes, that IS a really good steak!") or it solicits the input/opinion of the other person ("I've had better steak").

See? Simple. Go ahead and laugh, but it's a good word, damnit!! hahaha...
I myself have done very well to remove it from my vocabulary, but I assure you, when I lived farther north it was much more predominant. The farther away from the cities you get, the worse it gets.

That's it for me. I'm late for work so I gotta run. Have a good week, everyone!