Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Why I oughtta!!!
First up I'd like to thank my asshole landlord for waking me up at 1am this morning. You see, there is a walkway that goes right by my bedroom window, and that no one uses, yet he feels the need to shovel. At 1am. I might also point out that we have virtually NO snow. We were promised a most excellent storm the other day, but it never came. We got a dusting of snow at best, and most of it blew away. So to recap, my landlord felt some great need to shovel a walkway that no one uses, to clear it of snow that wasn't really there, at an hour in which I was asleep. It took me an hour and half to get back to sleep, and even then I tossed and turned all night. That rat bastard!! I'm so bagged now!!! *snore* Whatever, I can get over it. I have my night class starting again and I am very excited. TIRED, but excited. Whoo hoo!!!!

Speaking of schools, a bizarre turn of events is occuring here in Ontario. It seems, due to demand, soft drink companies are pulling soda/pop out of many of the schools in the region. Now, make no mistake, they are replacing it with their own brand of juice and sports drinks, but it's still an amazing step. Hurray for us making some serious changes about the growing health problems of the coming generations! :-) Baby steps, folks.....baby steps.

This week is going to be a bit busy for me, specifically tomorrow and Friday. My grandmother is in town, and I have to take her to all kinds of appointments. She has surgery on Friday, and has her pre-op appointment tomorrow (at some ungodly early hour, I can't wait. *lol*). She's pretty excited about the surgery (on her eyes); her growing cataract problem has been slowly robbing her of her vision and making her very depressed. So now that she has her first surgery scheduled and she is *very* excited. And I in turn, am thrilled for her. *grin* I love my grandma.

Also, I'd like to send out some big hugs and love to my dearest friend and neighbour, Princess Blondie. She is having an incredibly hard week having lost not one, but TWO people in her life. :'-( I'm sorry for your loss sweetie, I wish there was some way I could comfort you. As always, I am just across the hall if you need me. ((hugs))

alt=And to finish off this post I'd like you kids to have a look at a picture. When there are reports in the news of Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinians who are throwing rocks, I don't think it quite gives the right impression. You imagine these helpless repressed people tossing little pebbles at big bad soldiers? Try again. What doesn't make it into the media too often are pictures like these of Palestinians hurling cement blocks at soldiers below. You best believe they would kill if they hit their target. Remember folks....things are not always as they seem in the media. Put your cursor over the pic for more detail (thanks to Meryl for the info).