Saturday, December 27, 2003
pout and you WILL get your way!
I had a nice time last night. First, I lit the eighth and final candle for Chanukah, as the holiday drew to a close. And what a wonderful Chanukah it was. I was shown just what a difference friends can make in your life.
After that Lucky came *back* to my place (after having been over earlier) and we ordered pizza and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. We had a nice evening together curled up on the couch. :-)

This morning meant the last of my Chanukah presents from Princess Blondie and Bruno. I received a fabulous Fa kit, complete with a bar of soap, liquid body wash and a shower puff for lathering up the soap. Divine!! This stuff smells fabulous. One last time...thank you to my neighbours across the hall for all the love they have shown me over the holidays!!

Today has been a pretty lazy day...only now am I feeling like I am awake, and the day is nearly over. It's almost 8pm and I haven't gotten out of my pajamas yet!! I think a lazy day was in order after the craziness of the holidays. I hope you all had a terrific week.

Before I go I'd just like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the people of Iran after the tragic earthquake that has hit their region. I'd also like to point out to everyone that Iran (a predominately Muslim country) has taken help from every country who has offered it...except Israel. They refused the help because it was coming from Jews. Can you believe that? I'm pretty sure all those mothers digging through the rubble with their bare hands wouldn't care WHO the help came from as long as their child was saved; too bad the government has seen fit to spit in Israel's eye. (it's also interesting to note that President Bush has hurried to help Iran, a country he had labelled as one of the axis of evil not so long ago)
For moving (if not disturbing) pictures of the aftermath and struggle in Iran go here. (link via Lorien)