Thursday, December 25, 2003
spread the joy!
These holidays have been pretty wonderful this year, I must say. It started off with Princess Blondie and Bruno giving me a Chanukah gift everyday. I can't thank them for doing what no else has; they helped me celebrate Chanukah. Today I received an exciting assortment of goodies including candy and lip gloss! Woot woot! Perfect for me, as always..thank you. They have made this the best Chanukah ever. *grin*

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day too. My parents had decided to give my grandma her present early, so we did. My 83 year old grandma got herself a brand new boat! She lives on a lake up north and loves nothing more than this boat should be just what she wanted. I think I have seen my grandmother cry maybe less than 5 times in my life, but yesterday was too much for her and she broke down. It was awesome. I'll post pictures up tomorrow, with a little more on the story behind it all. It's too great to just gloss over right now.

My mom also could not contain herself and gave me her present as well. She was right, it was something I had wanted for a long time. It a Black and Decker Food Saver. I'm sure you all think this is pretty nuts, but I cannot WAIT to use it. You can take food and put it in a custom sized bag and vacuum seal it!!! Eeek!! I can freeze all kinds of goods; seal up cookies, sugar, bulk candy...anything! Stuff I wanna pack and not have leak all over luggage! Joy! The possibilities are endless. Alright, laugh if you will but *I* am excited. :-D

After all this early gift giving and dinner we do what my family always does....we played cards. In my family, the game of euchre is not just a game, it's a blood sport. Much like this morning...I got up early and went over to have breakfast with my parents and grandma. My dad makes killer waffles, so we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast together consisting of waffles, bacon, orange juice and coffee. Oh and did I mention cards? Sure we had a million other things to get a turkey ready, but we just couldn't help ourselves, we HAD to play some cards. lol.

Now I am home and getting ready for the day's festivities. I have a few presents left to wrap, and then I'm good to go. My family eats dinner at lunchtime instead of suppertime like most families do. We just prefer to eat the heavy meal earlier in the day, and then work it off with lots of card playing. Should be a pretty good day. :-)

And with that I bow out for now. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a continued Happy Chanukah! Also, be sure to stop by and see si's visit to a Christmas themed park in California. She put up pics, including one of her beside a giant Chanukiyah just for me!!!! *beaming* I LOVE YOU, SI!!! That was awesome of you!! See that folks? Can ya just FEEL love?? Yes indeedy, Catholics and Jews CAN be friends! Let this be a lesson to you all. :-)