Monday, December 29, 2003
oh my
Is it just me or is the world going a little crazy right now?? There's gas explosions, mudslides, earthquakes and more earthquakes. And then there's all the social, economic and political fallout that comes with such events.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Iranian Government has declined Israel's offer of assistance after a devasting earthquake struck a few days ago. Being the persistant souls that Israelis are, they are trying to find other means to get the help to the people who need it, doing their best to circumvent the government who would rather see their own people die than take help from those infidel Jews. All this has launched a large debate in the blogging world with folks having very divided feelings on the matter. Some say that if possible, the help should go to the Iranians despite the refusal of help. Others (more scarred from years of anti-semitism) say that it suits them just fine if they decide not to accept the help. It was offered, they turned it down. For views on the debate I would start with Meryl; she has links to the rest of the bloggers who are registering their feelings on the matter.

I myself am feeling very divided. On one hand I absolutely feel that people are people, and these poor folks have no say in the fact that their government is deciding for them whether or not they get the extra assistance. On the other, I can't help but think that if the situation were reversed, Iran wouldn't even offer the help, and in fact would cheer at Israel's loss. The jury is still out for me, but the fact that I'm reading a book that is doing nothing to help my opinion of Muslims (and it's written by one!) isn't swaying me in as positive a direction as I'd like. Again, the question is....would Iran offer the help? No. They don't even acknowledge Israel's existence. Did Israel offer? Yes they did. And they would do it again.

Meanwhile I am trying to enjoy the laziness of this week. I skipped out of work early and I have my friend from out of town dropping in again tonight, so I have a nice cream-of-turkey stew on the stove (can ya tell there was leftover turkey I'm trying to get rid of??). Overall, I'm just going to ride out the rest of the year in as content a manner as I can. Food and friends helps. :-)
Oh, and I saw The Last Samurai on Saturday. I highly recommend it, it's an excellent film.