Monday, January 05, 2004
Quest For Fire
So I'm already starting to get wiggy about making changes in my life, and I haven't even done anything yet. lol! I'm such a pussy cat that way. Just thinking about doing something that might challenge my comfy little existence is making me worry.

Earlier today I spoke with a young woman from France in a chatroom. We spoke at great length about Canada, France and tons of other things. It was a great conversation and I was glad we spoke. She was talking about moving to Israel because the anti-semitism is getting so bad in France. Like much of Europe, it's really becoming a serious problem (perhaps now people can understand why Jews want a homeland where they won't be persecuted all the time). She asked me about life in Canada and if I liked it here. I told her I love it and that if she didn't like Israel she should really try Canada, life is good here. I live in an area with a huge Jewish community, and anti-semitism is rarely an issue (that's not to say we are without it). Also, she speaks English, French and Hebrew...she would do very very well here.
Anyway, I also understand her desire to move to Israel. It's a beautiful (though deeply troubled) country. Frankly, if money wasn't such a concern I would certainly consider moving there. Her desire to be part of Israel was wonderful and I hope she finds what she is looking for. At the moment she is in the process of gathering information and seeing what universities she can go to. It's a great age to be heading to Israel as there will be all kinds of benefits for her. I really hope she does well. All the best my friend!

But I once again digress. Back to me and my search for change.
I called up my friend yesterday and asked him about the job at the scuba shop. I was happy to hear it's very close to where I live, and my friend told me a bit about the shop and facilities (a pool for training, etc..) and about the owners. Sounds pretty cool if I can get it. My friend said he'd go in and talk to the guy a bit...casually get a lay of the land and see if he's hiring right now. Meanwhile I'm going to dust off my resume and polish it up a bit. I also intend to write a letter to the owner outlining my extreme interest/ambition and mention my goals. I have no fear of being open and honest at this point, I think it's important. And either he will get it or he won't, and if he doesn't so be it. We shall see.

For tonight I am doing a heavy load of homework; classes resume tomorrow and I have been very lazy about my homework because of the holidays. I have to catch up, and so I gotta work my tail off tonight. Anyone wanna conjugate some verbs? Sounds like FUN, doesn't it??