Thursday, January 08, 2004
Let me tell'd be amazed what a good night's sleep can do for ya! Holy wow, I felt like a million bucks at work today. I went to bed before 10 pm last night and slept like a babe straight through until 6:40am. If you know me at all you'll understand what an amazing feat that is, especially unaided by any kind of sleeping agent. I am an insomniac much of the time, so I consider this a lovely 'win'.

Also, let me just tell you what else has me in a really good mood. Starting my class again on Tuesday has put a spring in my step and a song in my heart, ladies and gentlemen. I friggin' LOVE my class. Love it. Can't get enough of it. Homework? Yeah, I have a sick love affair with it. I can't say I have ever enjoyed doing homework until now. Crazy stuff, hunh? Yeah, even my teacher can't believe it....she's never seen someone quite so anxious to speak Hebrew. *grin* Slowly, slowly.

I just got off the phone with Lucky. It's his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-D It's also the birthday of another friend, so I stopped by and paid him a visit this morning on my way into work.
Oh!! Speaking of birthday's I'm very excited about a surprise birthday party my Gang of Friends is throwing tomorrow night. One of my bestest friends is turning 30, so we're going to surprise her with a party and dinner. Shouldn't be too hard to surprise her seeing as her birthday isn't for another week, but most of the gang won't be around next week so we have to do it this weekend. LOL. Oh well, at least we're having one! I am rotten at keeping secrets, so I've sworn to avoid any phone conversations with her until then coz I'm gonna blow it. I'm terrible that way. Eek! I can't wait.

So that makes for a crazy day tomorrow. I gotta get up for about 2:30am to take Princess Blondie and her boyfriend Bruno to the airport. Those lucky kids are taking a trip to Cuba. I'm so happy for them, they really deserve it. After that I have to pick up my grandma around 7:30am to take her to the hospital for her cataract surgery. Then I have the birthday party at night. Yikes. Hope I can grab a nap before that. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. My goal: to be asleep by 7pm tonight. Sh'yeah right! Now that NEW episodes of Friends and E.R. are finally on again?? Damnit. Must set VCR to tape...

To round out my post, I'd like to congratulate Israel for getting their own Playboy channel. Good for you and welcome to the world of smut! lol You can check out the host they have chosen, here.

Also, go read K-Dogg's take on the whole landing on Mars hoopla going on right now. I haven't been able to muster enough care to write about it, but K-Dogg made me howl with his Short Circuit reference.