Friday, February 18, 2005
random stuff floating through my brain
Ok look.. enough is enough. The hockey season is dead. Now, GET OVER IT. I'm sick of hearing people whine about it. Yesterday, all friggin' morning, that was all the people on every radio station were talking about. Boo hoo. I personally have enjoyed the lack of hockey clogging up my television viewing options... does that make me a bad Canadian? Here, I'll redeem myself : this morning I took a couple of pictures of a cool mural on a building depicting some key Canadian achievements and heroes. Go to my photoblog or click here and here. See? I'm feeling more patriotic already.

I have been talking to Katie-Yael quite a bit about aliyah (moving to Israel). She is in the midst of preparing to leave New York to move to Israel this year and I have been very interested in following her progress and learning about how it's done. No reason, of course.... *whistles and looks away*. The more I read about her journey the more I turn green with envy and start reconsidering it myself. But this always happens to me... my ambition to follow that madcap dream tends to ebb and tide with my moods. Right now I have a good friend in Tel Aviv who is *heavily* pressuring me to go over for Pesach (Passover) in April but I am hesitant to go as I am still paying off my credit cards from the *last* two trips. Do I seriously think I can afford to go to Israel every year?? Perhaps I should have my head (and bank account!) examined.

Last night was a glorious night... season 10 of Survivor started. Yes, I love the show, but more than that I love that it gives me a guarantee that at least once a week I will see my bestest buddy Princess Blondie. This Thursday night ritual of watching the show together began last year when she and her beau Bruno were living across the hall from me in my apartment building, and now we have carried on the tradition even though they have moved out and bought a house of their own. Last night I brought all the ingredients and made dinner for them as a thanks for all the times they have fed me on Survivor night. The show was great and it promises to be an interesting season (I have already picked my favourite players, Angie and Coby).

Since masturbation has been such a topic of conversation on this blog lately (is this what has become of my blog??) allow me to share two more amusing searches that brought folks to my blog:
"can catholic girls masturbate" Of course they can! But will they? See the prior post on this topic.
And my new personal favourite: "get ready to watch me masturbate" Alright...I'm ready!! On your mark... get set... masturbate!!

I am looking forward to my weekend, including my meditation group on Sunday. Although getting up at 7am on a Sunday isn't my favourite thing ever I find that I feel very good afterwards, and I have made it part of my overall plan in moving towards a healthier lifestyle. That includes body, mind and soul. Last week was especially amusing as two of the guys in the group could clearly be heard snoring during the meditation. Talk about relaxed! I took a picture of the sign outside the door I enter to join the group. Just coz. *shrug*

Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in a couple of my friends; depression. Both friends have talked to me about it and both are taking on anti-depressants. My heart aches as I feel helpless to do anything for them other than empathic having spent most of my life depressed myself. I don't know what else to do but listen and make whatever caring gestures I can (I like to send notes and cards... coz who doesn't like to get REAL mail??). *sigh* Why can't we all be happy at the same time?

Anyway! I hope you all have a great weekend. Shabat Shalom!