Tuesday, February 15, 2005
me and MJ
There are only 4 degrees of separation between me and Michael Jackson. A prize goes to the person who can name the three other degrees (all famous!) between me and Mr. Jackson. The only hint I can offer is that the first degree is someone from Canada and yes, this person has been mentioned in one of my blogs before. In fact, one of the blogs in my blogroll actually posted a picture of the first degree yesterday for Valentine's Day...

Come on, ya like a puzzle don'tcha? A brain tease?
Actually, it was my mom who pointed it out to me after watching some of the MJ fiasco on tv. Wow, I feel so much closer to it now. *snore* Oh yeah, and for the 3 people who read this and know me in person, you can't comment! cheaters!! (that means YOU Mulder, Melra and Stimpy!)

Oh, and as a side note if you want to see some of the most hilarious commercials (and awesome movie trailers) from the Superbowl click here (it even has some of the ones that were banned).