Thursday, February 10, 2005
revenge is a dish best served cold as snow
Alright, some of you are aware of my ongoing battles with my landlord. One of my biggest beefs with the man is the insane hours at which he decides it is suitable to shovel snow. Prior incidents (here and here and here) illustrate my frustration with the man as he ruins my sleep time and time again when he chooses to shovel snow in the wee hours of the morning. Despite several confrontations on the matter he insists that it's important that he shovels this tiny little walkway, that nobody even uses, and is under my bedroom window (to picture the scenario click here. my window is the one on the bottom right, and there is the walkway in front of it). Last night he decided that 12:30am was the best time to do this. Of course shoveling takes some time so it wasn't until almost 1am when he stopped, and for me it isn't always easy to fall back to sleep. When Princess Blondie still lived in the building she too had a discussion with the landlord about the late night shoveling and he actually admitted that he did it at night because he didn't want to get up in the morning and do it. He said someone would have to call and wake him up! When I confronted him about it he said "What? You're young, you don't need so much sleep". Hey, thanks for deciding that for me!

So. This year, after 3 years of this bullshit, I decided I would take my revenge. Yes, it's petty of me I know, but I have tried the conventional way of negotiations and gotten nowhere. Now it's time for me to take sleep from him. So when I got up this morning I went into the laundry room where the hot water taps are for the whole building and I turned two of the taps off. I kinda had to play eenie-meenie-minie-mo when guessing which ones to shut off, but I'm in apartment 1, so I figured I shouldn't go for the first or last tap. While I feel bad that two poor saps in the building are going to be the pawns in this revenge, I will enjoy watching my landlord pull up to the building this morning after being awoken by angry building residents who had no hot water. Like I said... it may be wrong, but hey... suddenly I don't feel so tired despite losing an hour of sleep. And yes, if he shovels at that hour again, I will do it (or something else devilish) again. Bwah ha ha!!!