Sunday, February 13, 2005
and the big question is.....
who will blink first? Israel or the Palestinians?
Yes indeed, there is a cease fire going on, and terrorist organization Hamas has said they will hold to the truce. Will pigs actually fly? Stay tuned and we shall find out!
Let's all keep our fingers crossed for peace, shall we?

Consequently, did anyone watch tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives? At the risk of writing a spoiler segment here (you have been warned if you watch the show!) there was a moment when two characters, a husband and wife, were trying to work to save their failing marriage. The husband had admitted to his wife that he likes to be "dominated" in the bedroom and was explaining what he likes and how it's done. In the course of the discussion he explained that a code word is often decided upon ahead of time so that if either party becomes uncomfortable the code word could be spoken and the fantasy would stop immediately. She asked him what word he used and he replied "Philadelphia". She in turn said that she didn't want to use that because an aunt lived in Philadelphia and she did not want to think about her while spanking her husband. He relented and said that she could select a word. She then chose "Boise" to which he replied that it was a funny sounding word that would ruin the moment. The word, he said, should be a serious one. After a moment of thought the wife replied: "Palestine".

say WHAT???