Tuesday, February 15, 2005
when bloggers talk
Ok, I need some help here from my trusty readers to settle a debate involving robots. Yes, you heard me, ROBOTS. Mulder and I are having the debate on MSN Messenger right now.... the conversation went like this:

Mulder: I'm just supermarketing online. just bought humus :) the good stuff
celestial blue: I WANT SOME!!! *crycry*
Mulder: somehow I still buy too much.. even when I sit in my home :)
celestial blue: I used to shop online all the time until they stopped letting me pay with my bank card at the door. I didn't want to charge it to my credit card because I would never pay it off. so now I'm a big girl and get them on my own even out in the snow, sleet and rain
Mulder: yeah... but u got a car.. I only got my scrawny shoulders... they can only take so much before they give :P
celestial blue: yow, good point. I always wondered what I'd do if I had to drag groceries home that way. shrivel up and die, I think. or get one of them thar buggies
Mulder: the little golf carts for old ppl maybe?
celestial blue: no no, just a wire buggy.. like an overgrown wirebasket on wheels
Mulder: oh I know that... dont think its big enuf for my needs though. wont fit the box of mineral water :) I need a robot
celestial blue: a robot! a fine idea. get one of those!
Mulder: a nice one. with lights :)
celestial blue: and one that clicks and beeps and whistles
Mulder: it'll beep and clear the way as I drag my sorry ass back home from the market
celestial blue: maybe it could carry you if you are too tired
Mulder: maybe. but then what with all the groceries?
celestial blue: well the groceries go in a compartment in his front or back. maybe up his ass just so you get stares. then his arms are free to carry you
Mulder: u got my robot all figured out aint u? :D
celestial blue: and yes, I should probably mention your robot is quite a size... maybe you were thinking of C3PO, but i was thinking of a big walking box sort of deal
Mulder: box? I'm not sitting in a box ! :P
celestial blue: no the box is CARRYING you! tsk
Mulder: I do no want to be carried in a box! unless I am dead that is
celestial blue: you're not IN the box. the GROCERIES are in the box. he's carrying you.. like in his arms...or maybe piggy-back style
Mulder: see? that robot would be a bitch to market... "come ride in the box!"
celestial blue: ok, you're SO not listening. lol
Mulder: the silly japanese would let a robot carry them or piggyback them.. we israelis have seen enuf evil robot movies to know better :D
celestial blue: lol
Mulder: I mean com'on.. just visualize it.. would u be caught carried by a robot? or worse: piggybacking it?
celestial blue: absolutely!! coz everyone would be insanely jealous!
Mulder: Mmmm... I donno how to break it to you.. they won't. they'd be peeing in their pants laughing
celestial blue: pfft. you know nothing. people would be running up and asking for a ride
Mulder: CHILDREN would.. maybe. ask anybody. ask ur mom :)
celestial blue: alright then, I will
Mulder: she'll probably commit u though LOL
celestial blue: nah - unh.. I'm gonna post about it!
Mulder: good thing I dont post about ppl carrying evil robots

Ok, so ignore the fact that this is what I am doing with my day at work and really, the absurdity of the whole conversation, and tell me... who would be up for a ride on an awesome looking robot?? Are ya up for it?? Do you not think it would be supercool to have your own personal robot to carry you around whenever you get tired? Or who would carry your groceries for you (AND you if you so desired??) Robots are awesome!!
Agree or disagree. Discuss.