Monday, February 14, 2005
my tv habit
So over the weekend I finally got a chance to catch up on all the tv shows I taped and then was able to curl up at home last night and enjoy a tv night in which I got to watch as my shows were actually aired. I had nearly a week of shows to catch up on and found that most of them made me cry, or at the very least, tear up. Joan of Arcadia has really become one of my favourite shows in the last year or two. I often get a little teary eyed watching it. I can't recall if Third Watch made me cry, but it often does. And yes, Battlestar Galactica made me cry. Twice! (I taped two episodes) And I cannot reiterate this enough, I love this new Battlestar Galactica show. And then of course there is the one show that makes me cry every Sunday without fail... Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Hell, this week's episode was a 2 hour special that had me reaching for a hanky in the first 5 minutes! You gotta love a reality show that is actually about HELPING people by giving them a home, and often a car or job or a paid-off mortgage. They take people whose lives are in shambles and they ....*sniff....they pick them up and...*SNIFF*... dust them off and stand them back up on their feet. It's beautiful I tells ya!!

Anyway...wanna see the most awesome bird ever?? click here! (hat tip: occasional bitch)