Thursday, February 10, 2005
the end of the end of violence
Cease fire? What cease fire?
Yes.... it was THAT short lived. In what was being heralded as a victorious and monumental event, a cease fire was announced between Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday (here is Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's speech from the summit). Heck, even the Arab world was reporting the event in a positive light as it seemed this cease fire was the start of something good for both sides. However, Hamas (one of the leading Palestinian terrorist groups) was quick to point out that it was not bound by the cease fire.... and then proceeded to pound Israelis with rockets. 46 mortars fired, approximately 17 hits. And of course Israel is not keen on being shot at so the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) returned fire and Israel cancelled it's meeting later this week with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

All I can say is thanks a lot, Hamas. Thanks for squashing the hopes of your people and mine. Nicely done.

UPDATE: There may be a glimmer of hope yet.... Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has fired 3 top commanders after the rocket fire and has ordered Forces to stop the militants' attacks. And both Palestinian and Israeli forces are set to meet. Come on, boys..... keep the hope alive.