Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow!
Well my excitement about leaving for Israel tomorrow has translated into almost zero sleep. I was up until 1am packing and then woke up at 5:45am this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. My brain is racing, thinking about all the last minute stuff I need to do. I think I pretty much have everything under control, but still I feel like I don't have enough time. I am getting my haircut at 1pm this afternoon and I am hoping that the boss will let me skip out of work after that. It would SO ease my anxiety if I could finish my packing early and try to get some sleep tonight.

I am meeting up with my old neighbour Princess Blondie tonight so I can see her before I leave. That makes me happy coz I am really gonna miss her. :-) Know what doesn't make me happy? Hearing about plane hijackings when I am going to be getting on a plane in about 30 hours. I'm not a fan of flying as it is, and news like this isn't helping. Know what makes me happy? Hearing that Israel has won it's first ever gold medal at the Olympics, courtesy of Gal Friedman in the windsailing competition. Yay, Israel!! I have been so proud of it's achievements during this Olympics.

Anyway, I should get ready for work. I'll post again later.