Friday, August 20, 2004
Happiness is a Warm Kitten
When all else fails to raise your spirits, spend some time in the company of a kitten or puppy. It's simply impossible to be unhappy in the presence of such boundless love and joy (and cuteness).

The kitten you see in the pic is a girl I have named Sadie (pronounced "Say-dee"), but her name could change. With the assistance of my bestest pal Princess Blondie and her beau Bruno, I was able to bring this lovely little bundle home last night. However, her stay with me will be brief for I have been searching for a kitten for a number of months so that I may give it to a friend of mine. This is a long-time friend who earlier this year was devastated when he had to put his own cat to sleep, due to illness. I know he was absolutely heartbroken by it, and has been extremely lonely since. I believe (having been in his position a time or two myself) that enough time has passed and that he is ready to have another cat. So I have found a baby for him, and picked up all the necessary "equipment" that comes with having a kitten (food, dishes, litter box, etc..). I am very excited to give her to him because I know she will melt his heart and help fill the hole in his heart.

Part of the reason it has taken a number of months to find a kitten for him was because I absolutely did NOT want the kitten to resemble his last two cats in any way; I didn't want him to think I was replacing his cats. Anyone who has pets knows you can never replace what you once had, you can only move on to sharing your life with a new one. So that meant no black cats and no black/brown tabbies. That eliminates a good 50% of available kittens, let me tell ya. But luckily, just days before my friend's birthday I have found a kitten that matches what I'm looking for!

And it looks like she will adjust very well. After only an hour or so Sadie became comfortable in my home, running, playing and purring. And mercifully she slept through the night...her first night away from her mom! At first she curled up under the covers, and laid against my back. Then when she got too hot she crawled up onto the pillow beside me and spend the entire night there, not waking me up once (any cat owner cat appreciate how rare that is). To me, that makes her a complete gem!

Finally I had to wake HER up this morning and we got ready to go to work. As traumatic as another car trip would be on her (and it was) I would rather have her here with me than alone all day in a strange new home. That, and she has already demonstrated that my new couch is her favourite place to sharpen her claws.
So anyway, even as I type this she is sound asleep on my lap where she has been most of the morning. If you want to see more (simply adorable) pictures of her go to my photoblog. And if you can think of a better name (though I'm quite fond of Sadie) let me know! The more input the better!

Shabat shalom, everyone. 6 days til I leave for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!