Sunday, August 22, 2004
Well, the kitten was a successful match. At first I was a little friend gave a lukewarm reception to the kitten as he was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. Seeing a cat reminded him of his previous cat, and the hurt and loss hit him like a ton of bricks. At first he wasn't sure if he wanted her, but in a matter of minutes he was calling everyone he knew to tell them he had a new roommate and to tell his friends and family to check out the photoblog I made for his kitten, Sadie. In other words, he didn't take long to warm up to the idea of being a daddy again. :-) Well take a look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't melt too (if you say you wouldn't, I swear to God, you have no soul!!). I think that's my favourite picture yet of Sadie.

Anyway, with that out of the way I can get on with the task of getting ready for my trip, now only 5 days away. This Thursday!! I'm starting to stress as I worry about all the things I need to do, buy and pack before I go. I have made up list after list to try and help sort my brain out and hopefully relax. As you can see from the picture I have picked up my Israeli currency, which is a big load off my mind. And look how rich I look thanks to the exchange rate! And to all those Americans who laugh at our Canadian money because it's so colourful (making it look like Monopoly money....or "funny money" as you kids so cleverly like to call it) have a gander at how pretty the Israeli Shekel is! In fact Israel's system is pretty cool, I like the colour coding in the corners of the money for quick and easy identification. American money is brutal for trying to tell apart since it's all the same green colour. I mean, I like the colour green and all...but bo-RING! :-P

So all I have left now to do is a trip to the dentist, doctor and the all important trip to the hair salon for a haircut. The most crucial timing will involve the laundry, of course. Must do laundry the night before for optimum packing of wanted clothing. lol. Go ahead and laugh, you know I'm right. If I could do my laundry naked I would, but seeing as I might be doing laundry here in my apartment building's facilities (I usually go to my parents place and use their machines) doing it nekkid might not be the best plan. Perhaps I'll wear nothing more than rags while I do laundry so I get to wash it all.

On to other things.... Dave over at Israellycool has a fancy new site for his blog, go check it out. Sex-y! I'm all kinds of jealous! If anyone wanted to make ME a pretty new layout...well....I wouldn't object. *wink*

Oh, and there was a NASTY incident of anti-semitism over in France last night. Read Meryl's post if you are interested, as always she breaks it down far more intelligently than I could, as I am often reduced to childish expletives when I hear about something like this. Yes anti-semitism is a problem and yes it's growing. Time to pull our heads out of the sand and stop the denial, folks.