Tuesday, August 24, 2004
the countdown to Israel
Well it's official.....I'm going crazy. Yesterday I was much more so than today, but I am certainly experiencing a radical shift in my behaviour as the time of my departure nears. I have a tough time staying asleep as I think about my trip to Israel and all the things I need to do before then. I have been doing laundry and cleaning my house and all that other stuff, and tonight I will begin the actual packing. I just want to BE in Israel already...the anticipation is killing me. At the moment I just feel like I'm running around in circles as I get ready to leave (Thursday morning!) and my stomach is constantly flipping upside down.
Must. Stay. FOCUSED.

You know who I wish was coming to Israel with me? si. I was thinking about this the other day...how cool would that be? We'd do a joint tour of all the Jewish and Christian sites. It would be awesome! When I win the lottery (which I plan on doing, somehow) I'm taking si with me on a trip and we will share and learn about each other's religions. We will prove that Jews and Christians can get along just fine, thank you very much.

K-Dogg likes plums. What's your favourite fruit? I think mine might be....strawberries? Raspberries? Maybe any berry, berries are good. But they are so expensive I never buy them unless I want a *real* treat.

I had a dream last night that I was sharing a hotel room with Yoko Ono. I can't explain it, so don't ask.

I found 120 shekels (sheqalim) in my car when I was cleaning it out last night, from my trip to Israel last year. Sure it's only about $40 Cdn, but I was excited. Found money!

Can you believe I haven't mentioned the Olympics once? I feel like I should care more, but there was a Canadian judge that made Canada look so bad yesterday that it was embarrassing. Politics are supposed to be put aside in the name of the Olympic spirit, but when the Iranian judo fighter pulled out because he refused to fight an Israeli (those dirty Jews!) and the Olympic committee refused to put sanctions on Iran like they are supposed to....well, I lost faith in what the Olympics are all about. But make no mistake, Canada HAS won a few medals, and I am damn proud of our athletes.

See what happens to me when I go crazy? I start talking about random things and switching topics every other second. I think it's safe to say that I am excited about my trip. I think over the next two days there will be very little rest for me, just go go go!!