Saturday, August 14, 2004
taking a drink from the friend fountain
For the second night in a row I went over to Princess Blondie's house last night for dinner, only this time I stayed overnight. It was nice, coz then we spent the day together today driving around, shopping, visiting people, and having lunch together. It was really good to spend some time with her after such a hard week. Friends have a way of renewing a person's soul, ya know?

Today is the one year anniversary of the big blackout last summer, when nearly the entire eastern seaboard went dark because of a power outage. Personally, I loved it and the way it brought every together. It made everyone stop hurrying around for a while, and instead just stop and enjoy the stars that were no longer blurred out by the lights of the city. In fact, tonight many business owners in Toronto are shutting their lights off in remembrance of the event last year. Cool, hunh?

Anyway, I have just returned home from going out to dinner and a movie with my dad. We went and saw the new Tom Cruise film "Collateral". It was pretty good and it does well to hold your attention the entire time. In fact, at one point, I noticed how absolutely *silent* the theatre was. Not a soul was talking or even crinkling the wrapper on their food. The only other time I have heard an audience so quiet was for the movie "Phone Booth". My only real beef with the movie....the decision to make Tom Cruise's hair grey. Wtf?? I have no idea what they were trying to achieve coz he clearly doesn't look old enough to have an entire head of grey hair, so I found it strange and distracting. It took away from the believability of the character as far as I'm concerned, but what do I know? *shrug*

Moving along..... tomorrow my family and I will join our business partner/friend of the family to express our grief over the loss of his young son (only 20 years old!!). The visitation/viewing is tomorrow and I don't think I will be attending the funeral on Monday; frankly, 2 funerals in 6 days is about more than I can handle, especially since they are funerals for such young people. It adds such a horrible dimension to the grief, and I don't have the heart to witness it again so soon. An article in the paper about the accident can be found here.