Friday, April 23, 2004
Yom Shishi
First of all, let me thank everyone for your fabulous support yesterday; I am truly blessed to have such wonderful readers. It was a hard post to write, as I went from smiles to tears as I told his story. I thank you all for taking the time to read it (I know it was rather lengthy), but I felt it was important to share. It's my way of keeping Shane's story alive and well, and maybe making a difference in someone else's life. I believe he can touch lives even now, in his absence.

I'd also like to thank my bestest friend and neighbour- across- the- hall, Princess Blondie for helping me forget my blues (this IS the same girl who gave me flowers on Sunday when I was sick, afterall). I walked over to her apartment last night for our usual Thursday night ritual of watching Survivor together, and we decided to slather on a mud mask. We girls do things like this, y'see. :-) Admittedly it felt like it was burning my face off for the first five minutes, but Princess Blondie managed to talk me through it ("fan your face! FAN YOUR FACE!!!"). LOL. It was a ton of fun and I admit, my face felt *amazing* afterwards. Thanks, neighbour!!! (more pictures here, here, here and here)

Some things about Israel (come on, you knew I'd have to talk about Israel soon or later, didn't you? *wink*).
First, I am happy to hear that The Passion of the Christ will be screened in Israel afterall. This is good, I think it's only fair that those Jews who wish to see what they are up against in the media hype have the option of seeing it if they want to (or did we forget that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East?). Let people choose to watch it or boycott it. Either way, let them choose.
Second, Israellycool has found a very interesting slide show on the cause and effect of terror. Many people have the impression that Israel has always been a warzone, but this presentation outlines how that simply isn't the case. Though you now have to have your bags checked when entering a mall or restaurant in Israel, it wasn't always that way. Only in the last 4 years has this happened. Why? Because of terror. Remember when lineups at the airport weren't 4 hours long? That would be before 9/11. Check out the slide show called "It's the terror, stupid!" to get a better understanding.

And that's about it, except for a few things. I'd like to say hi to the chap from Norway who found my site by typing "car and ladies ond sex" into a search engine. It offered a great source of amusement for me.
Also, check out this little site, JBox, as it is full of Japanese goodness. You can buy all kinds of wacky things like SOCK GLUE to hold your socks up!!! Where was THAT the other day when my socks were falling down!?!? Anyway, if you want to kill some time I *highly* recommend this site. Be sure to check out the t-shirts; you can get shirts that make it look like you have full sleeve tattoos or ones with prints of actual signs in Japan, like the "Beware of Pervert" sign!!

hope everyone has a great weekend!
Shabat Shalom