Thursday, April 15, 2004
a little from column A, a little from column B
Well.....things have been interesting with U.S. President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon meeting this week, haven't they now? And while I don't like Bush in the least bit I am pleased to see his support for Israel (and before you wacky Bush supporters start spamming me, just know that most Canadians don't like Bush. Deal with it. lol). It should be very interesting to see how this helps Sharon who is battling for support himself back at home. I guess we'll see when his "plan for unilateral disengagement" is revealed. Frankly I hope he gets on with it; enough mucking around and trying to reason with murderers. Bush is of the same mind when it comes to negotiating with terrorists (thus the whole Iraq war) and thus his support on the matter. Time will tell.
In the meantime the Palestinians are busy doing what they do best; a woman was caught with a 25 kilo (55 lb) bomb as she made her way towards Ariel. It seems she was only meant to deliver it to someone else who was supposed to set it off, but in my books that makes her just as guilty. Nice try, there's no talking your way out of that one.

To balance out all this badness I'd like to point out that the blogosphere's effort to drop a Googlebomb to have an anti-semitic site dropped from top ranking and replaced with an educational site has not only been a successful campaign, but a newsworthy one (another article on it here and Google's official response here). A big thanks to those who helped out. See? Together we can achieve. Huzzah!!

What else? How about some random mentionables.....some stuff that has amused me while stuck at home sick the last two days:

Kikkoman: Show me! Show you! (just try and get this out of your head after watching it. Best of luck.)

Banana & Shrimp Showtime: foolish monsters! (they wish to see the demise of our hero, Kikkoman! tell me the bass line in this doesn't kick ass!)

Here's an article about stupid people in the Netherlands who have taken to having little hearts and moons inserted into their eyes as some kind of strange form of jewelry. *shrug* I dunno, you tell me. Personally, I don't want *anything* inserted in my eye. Have they not seen A Clockwork Orange??

Here's a game for you called Mad Shark (this one's for you, Rat!). You are a big angry shark and you go around eating hapless scuba divers as they swim along. But be careful! those fools have knives! So you gotta bite their arms off first. Awesome! Just TRY and play it only once.

And here be an article about a guy who died from eating too many coins. Yes, his belly was quite full, check out the x-ray.

And to conclude, I'd like to send a special hi to those who found my website by typing the following words into a search engine (spelling mistakes and all):

"am scared i need like a some nice dreams of D so i dunno its like i feel mechanical destruction is the way and maybe what socuiety deemed me for MUahhaha" (I think I was most disturbed by the maniacal laugh at the end......oh, and the fact that this string of madness lead to ME)

"mr clean "magic eraser" "made out of" (yes, it IS a mystery, isn't it? "I'll never tell....")

"blondie turkey" (say WHAT??? I don't think I wanna be doing Thanksgiving at this guy's house)

"when i went to europe, i am bore with car" (seriously, what goes through people's head when they type in shit like this??)

"what does my dream mean if i pulled of my friends finger" (is that supposed to be "pulled one of" or "pulled off" ?? either way, it's not right, my friend. lol)

And with that I bid you goodnight. I have already come and gone from Princess Blondie's apartment to watch Survivor, and now I think it's a hot bath and bedtime for me.

Oh, and I'm thinking of finally scrapping the tagboard, what do you think? Has it become more trouble than it's worth or should I drop the $7.50 US a year to keep it?