Tuesday, February 24, 2004
in my happy place
I'm in a good mood. I just got back from my Hebrew class, which always puts me in a fantastic mood. And on my way home I went to a grocery store that my classmates told me about that carries lots of Israeli products, and got my favourite dessert/pudding from Israel (Milky). I practically lived on the stuff when I was there. *swoon* I'm so happy, even if it *did* cost me an arm and a leg (note to self: check the prices before grabbing stuff off the shelf; it helps to avoid surprises at the cash register). Oh how I love this pudding.

Anyway, have I mentioned that, in an effort to further my Hebrew, I have been listening to a Hebrew language/learning course in my car to and from work? Yeah, that equals a good 40 mins everyday, at least. It's all I play in my car now, coz I'm a big nerd. Sometimes it gets annoyingly repetitive, but it's been helping a lot. I often have a good laugh at how cheesy the lessons are, and at how I must look yakking away to myself while on the highway. A big thanks goes to Dan who let me upload it from him; he was a total sweetie and thought of me when he got a hold of it, so he shared.

Also, I am a very very happy girl because I am lucky enough to have the best audience out there. Seriously, I love you guys to death. The conversations we have been having over the last two weeks has given me such wonderful food for thought, and for that I am grateful. I appreciate you all sharing your views and having respect for one another. It shows we can conduct an intelligent debate, and challenge each other to rise above stereotypes and see the world through the eyes of another. You guys are the best. (as a side note, I'd REALLY like my regular reader from Singapore to stand up and say hi...I know you're on here, and I'd like to hear from you! what's your story? :-)

Tomorrow is the big day; the release of the movie "The Passion of the Christ". The moment we have been debating for. I have invited a (Catholic) friend of mine to come see it with me; I look forward to his views, it's wonderful talking to him about anything. Such an intelligent lad. I joked with him that he should wear a Cross necklace and I'd wear a Magen David (Star of David) necklace and we'd walk in holding hands, just to stir things up. "See?? Why can't we all just get along??"
But seriously, I intend to wear a Magen David necklace, absolutely. I'm sure lots of Jews are gonna tell me it's a stupid thing to do, but I will not hide. I want a Jew to be seen viewing this movie, seen finding out for herself instead letting others make up her mind for her. If that gets my ass kicked, so be it.

In light of the coming film, I have dug up a few more articles.
This article is from a Jewish site, and it covers a strange array of points, including the fact that the Palestinian leader (Arafat) has said that the Palestinian people identify with Jesus ("he lived as a refugee under occupation." oy, don't even get me started).

Here's a (Canadian) article outlining in rather graphic detail, certain parts of the movie. Gives a hint of things to come, as many are already saying it is more bloody and violent than expected.

CNN.com is all over it like white on rice with articles here (check out the gory picture!), here (talks about it opening on more screens than first forecasted), here (a *really* interesting article saying the Pope in fact did NOT endorse the film or say "It is as it was"), and here (where Gibson is reported as having said "The worst has yet to come", meaning, the controversy is only getting started. yeah, no kidding, Mel).

Also, I *highly* recommend checking out Ocean Guy's post in which he does a fabulous job of rounding up reviews of the movie from folks who have already seen it.

This should all be *very* interesting...... (keep your eye on the news for any reports of a mouthy Jewish girl getting her ass kicked in a movie theatre in Toronto. LOL!!!)

And in closing, I'd like to send my condolences to the people of Morocco who suffered a terrible earthquake early today. The reports are vague, but the losses are estimated between 300 - 600. That's huge, folks. And I'm getting nervous of all these quakes in the Middle East (area); Iran, Israel, Turkey and Morocco?? Things are really moving over there.
My thoughts and prayers are with the families who are suffering.