Sunday, February 22, 2004
Let me tell you what my morning routine is, ok?
I get up, and I go straight to my computer. I check my e-mail and then I click on to see if things are ok in Israel. If there is news of a bombing, I then start clicking on the Israeli sites for the details.

Today was one of those mornings I dread. I clicked on and saw this. An attack in Israel, splashed all over the front page. And you know what? I didn't cry right away like most mornings when I see this; know why? Because I had a feeling I was going to see that when I got up this morning. I wasn't even surprised. And you know what? I SHOULD be. I damn well should be surprised. I damn well should be crying. Instead I am once again filled with rage. Rage comes first, and then as I read more details the despair will settle in and I will cry. Cry for what my people have to endure, yet again. Lives needlessly lost. 8 dead (others will no doubt die of their wounds in coming days) and 60 wounded (and please remember, losing an arm/leg is considered "wounded). Just 24 days after the last bombing..
If you are brave enough, the survivors tell their stories here.

It was 8:30am, and the bus that was targeted was full of students, many around age 18. Not surprisingly, there are reports of devastated and scared families buckling under the pressure of living in Jerusalem, saying they are considering leaving the hotspot of a city. Can you blame them? How much more can a nation take, all the while having the world condemn them for trying to protect themselves? Israellycool has a quote of the day that sums it up the best.

Build the fence. Faster please.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to check on Rinat and HebrewLion.
Meanwhile, take a hard look at the pics in this post. Those are BODIES, folks. And if you call it anything other than murder, you're wrong. Someone did this. On purpose. And the Palestinians couldn't be more proud.