Saturday, February 21, 2004
"You can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being "
I've had about enough of people shitting on me for their problems. After listening to my friend outline how it's everyone's fault but his own for the mess he's in, I finally started to say my piece on the matter (I let him drone on for 30 mins straight before offering my opinion). He kept cutting me off and finally I told him if he didn't let me speak there was no point in attempting to have a conversation. He said he'd stop, so I continued, and then he cut me off again. In a complete fit of frustration I screamed his name to try and get him to stop and then just said screw it, and hung up on him.

He called back a few minutes later (twice, actually), but I didn't answer. He left two messages. The first one outlined what a rotten friend I was for never calling. The second told me he wants nothing to do with me ever again, and to never call him again (didn't he just accuse me of never calling him anyway?? idiot). Yeah, it's tough when friends don't buy into your bullshit and do what you want them to and don't always agree with you, isn't it? Too bad, his loss. I wish I felt bad that he has walked away but I don't. Partly because I'm not up for his games, as I have been down this road with him too many times to count, including the "I never want to talk to you again" routine. Stop crying wolf, you'll be calling me again in 1 - 3 months when you've calmed down. Ucch. Go help yourself, no one else can anymore. I wish him the best of luck.

Meanwhile I now have a splitting headache and not nearly as much homework done as I wanted. That little weasel has actually gotten to me and now I can't focus. He should be damn lucky I don't go around advertising him and his problems (he's a "famous" actor. yes, many of you would know him. no, I won't tell you who he is, unfortunately I have too much respect for someone's privacy. famous or not, he still has problems and I won't be his punching bag. I was hoping his fame would attract Dr. Phil's attention and help me out, but now I'm regretting even wasting my time with that e-mail).

ANYWAY! No more time wasted on my friend. I am making a nice little dinner for myself, and then I am going out with some friends for the night. The one friend is the girl who lost her father (I went to the funeral on Valentine's Day), so I'm hoping we can cheer her up. THIS is a friend who deserves my time, and so she will get it.

And ...if I may say...I think I may have a date tomorrow. Hmph. Life is funny sometimes.