Monday, January 26, 2004
typical Monday
Well, I was all ready to get up and head to work today..until a snow storm started rolling in, and is said to get quite bad by the end day. It was decided I should just stay home another day and let the storm pass. Instead of going to work I'm going to go to the doctor to check out my x-ray results from last week and get checked out one last time, and then head to my parents place to try and deal with a few of their computer problems.
If you're interested in having a look at our snow storm first hand here are some webcams. It's pretty cool stuff. Also, here's some webcams in Israel; when I clicked on a few of the beach cams I couldn't believe how nasty the weather is. I think it's important for my North American audience to understand that Israel gets their version of winter too; high winds, rain, sandstorms....not fun stuff. And yes, in the northern parts and mountain regions they actually get snow. It's not hot and sunny year round.

So anyway, it's a bit of a disappointment to get stuck home another day, and as if that wasn't bad enough I got some bad money news this morning. A friend of mine has been working on my taxes for quite a while now, and she's starting to get some of the numbers firmed up. Y'see....I neglected to file for about 3 years now, and it was high time I did something about it before I got audited, so I gave all my stuff to my friend who's an accountant. She has finished up my business taxes now (that's where most of my "owing" costs will my incorporation) and is starting into my personal taxes now. So far it looks like I'm gonna owe about $3400. I think I might have a nervous breakdown. And I was really hoping to take a trip to England this year to see my friends who moved there last summer....but it looks like that might not happen. :-( And a trip to Israel any time soon? must be joking.
*sigh* Now I am seriously bummed out.

On a lighter note I'd just like to mention some of the nice things that people have done for me in the last few days. First of all, on Saturday I asked Princess Blondie to go out and start my car for me (coz it's hard for me to be out in the cold for too long, what with my lungs acting up and all) and she kindly obliged. She knocked on my door in her pajamas, and a coat and scarf and took my keys and warmed up my car for me. That girl is an absolute angel.
Then last night I had gone over to my parents place for dinner and afterwards my mom and I curled up in front of the t.v. to watch the Golden Globe Awards while my dad did some work down in his home office. About half an hour into the awards show my dad came upstairs (three flights of stairs I might add!) with a tray of freshly popped popcorn and some drinks for us to enjoy. He was sitting doing his work and thought that his girls should have popcorn to go with an awards show about t.v. and movies ("Can't watch a show about movies without having popcorn!" he said), so he stopped working and went to make it and bring it to us. Is he a sweetheart, or what?!? You can see why my parents have been happily married for 35 years. He's such a doll, that dad of mine. :-)
I have some very good people in my life (including my accountant friend who has wasted countless hours sitting in piles of receipts in order to help me out. God bless her).

So really, what do I have to complain about? Besides....if you know me at all, you know that nothing could make me happier than this snow storm today. Eeeeek!! I LOVE IT!!!
And one last thing.....I found a new blog if you're interested: Israel Midnight Cafe. Me likes it!