Friday, January 16, 2004
the slow descent into madness
My downward spiral to insanity is going quite well, thanks for asking. Yesterday was really a test for both me *and* my friends, as I have taken to calling them all at work on a regular basis and forcing them to entertain me and keep me company. I think it's safe to say that I'm not taking seclusion all that well. I couldn't even get my mother to stay and keep me company last night; I think my maniacal laugh is beginning to drive people away. I can't stay cooped up and sick in my house for much longer...

In my mother's greatly misguided way, she brought me something to cheer me up last night. She has been bringing me a few groceries every night to make sure I'm eating and to check up on me, and last night she brought me an extra little present; ice cube trays. I know, this seems like some kind of bad joke considering the recent crazy temperatures, but her rationale was that they were bright green and the pretty colour would cheer me up. (NOW who's crazy???) I tried not to sound ungrateful, but that's about the nuttiest present I have ever received (next to maybe the can of Static Guard she gave me for Christmas). However, upon closer inspection I saw that the ice cube trays were made in Israel and I was suddenly very happy. I applauded her for supporting Israel, even if she didn't mean to.
Aside from that crazy present she also got me Chunky Monkey ice cream, so I can't complain. Oh how I love it so.

So the really amusing part of going slowly crazy from being housebound is seeing what kind of activities you can do to keep yourself busy. For example, I hung a few pictures around my home; I felt very empowered with a hammer and nail in hand, and I finally got to put up a few framed pictures I have been meaning to hang for some time now. :-)

However, some of my activities are starting to reflect just how crazy I'm getting. Heh. I decided while watching t.v. that I would do something about the lint balls/pilling that was happening to the t-shirt I was wearing. It's one of my favourites, and I had bought a "clothes shaver" a year or so ago for just this reason (and in fact, specifically for this shirt). So I went and got this clothes shaver and began to shave my shirt, while wearing it, and while watching t.v.
After a few minutes I stopped to inspect my work and found that though it was doing a pretty good job, it was going much too slowly for my liking (I possess very little patience despite the fact that time is certainly on my side these days). So I got this *bright* idea that I would go and get my razor out of the bathroom (hey, I'm CRAZY these days, remember that) and I would really give my shirt a proper shave. (Maybe I shouldn't be admitting to this sort of behaviour, but oh well. I'm all about sharing.) Anyway, I took my shirt off at this point (good thing I live alone, coz I think a room mate would have me locked up for sitting around in a bra shaving my shirt) and began to drag the razor across my shirt. In some spots it really did the trick and in others it did very little. In short order what I had was a pile of lint balls ALL over the place including the very black pants I was wearing. This annoyed me, and so I stopped. Now my shirt is half shaven, and my pants are covered in lint balls. Good idea gone bad.
The lesson here? If you are bored, find a better activity to entertain yourself, kiddies. Shaving your shirt is NOT advised, and in fact could very well be a sign of insanity (like wearing socks with sandals).

Eventually after a few snaps of madness yesterday I finally pulled myself together enough to do some Hebrew homework. This was good, it gave me something constructive to focus on, and it made me very very happy. Right up until page 40 of my textbook. I had been doing page after page of homework, and then suddenly I hit a wall of confusion. The homework went from happy-time-fun-stuff that I understood, to something I have no understanding of whatsoever. It went from "easy" to "way too friggin' hard" in a matter of two pages. It's like I had never seen this language before in my life. And of course my capacity to deal with any amount of frustration has been greatly reduced so I was immediately sent into the depths of despair. As IF it wasn't bad enough that I had to miss my beloved class on Tuesday because I was shut in, NOW I no longer have my homework to make me happy coz I need a little help. *pout*
Well, actually, I've slept on the matter now, and I'm sure when I look at it again today I will be able to take a stab at it and see if I can't figure it out. I think yesterday was just the day to freak out. Today is calm day. CALM DAY, DAMNIT. heh.

Today is going to be ok because I have something to make me happy. It's a little tune by Outkast called Hey Ya. I'm sure most of you have heard it, and it cheers me up and helps me get my groove on. What a happy little song. I must play it over and over again till my neighbours hate my guts. Bwah ha ha!!

Oh and si....I had a dream last night, and YOU were in it, dude! How crazy is that?? (could this be another sign of insanity??) We were having some deep philosophical conversation about God. It was kinda cool. *shrug*

I'll check back in with you guys later, and likely post again (presuming I find something worth posting about). I'm bored, and this may become my new form of entertainment. And I am going to do my best not to order pizza today. I've ordered FOUR this week. I think it's time I cut myself off today. But it's sooooo good!!