Sunday, January 18, 2004
walking on the moon
Well I don't pretend to have anything intelligent to say anymore. Really, how could I since I've only been able to leave my house ONCE in the last week because I'm sick? All I can speak about now (with some relative depth frighteningly enough), is about daytime talk shows, infomercials (Tony Robbins nearly sucked me in today!!), and soap operas. I think it's too late to save must all stop reading my blog now, lest my lethargic condition rubs off on you. Quick, save yourself!!

But really now, I'm feeling like total garbage today. This illness of mine seems to be trying to morph into some new beast and it has caused me to need a nap after doing even the slightest activity, such as crossing the room. While the pain has mostly subsided I am finding it increasingly difficult to breathe; I feel like I have a 20 lb cat sleeping on my chest. Lovely. So I guess it's a trip to the doctor's for me tomorrow. *snore* Can't friggin' wait.

Perhaps this is my reward for daring to go outside yesterday. All I did was go outside to get into a warm vehicle, sit in said vehicle as my parents drove me down to my brother's home, ate dinner, and then got into the again pre-warmed vehicle and got a ride home. I don't see where I deserve to feel like crap for that little trip. Ok, I admit, when I first stepped out the door I sprinted onto the frontlawn and ran a circle in the snow before getting in the truck, but I was SO happy to be outside for the first time in days, and I love the snow. It's not like I stop, dropped and rolled in it or anything. :-/ And the temperature had warmed up to a balmy -6C (21F)!! Tsk.

I had a nice dinner with my family, and after dinner my mom, my brother's girlfriend and I played with the cute little kittens for *hours* while the men sat and sipped scotch and discussed saving the world (or whatever other great philosophical talk they had). Eventually all 5 of us were entranced with the playful antics of these kittens, and just sat and enjoyed them for hours and hours. Made my weekend, really. However, my brother and his girlfriend (of 15 years) can't seem to agree on names for these babies. They've had them for a week! I've named them for the purposes of editing pics; the black and white one is Boomer, and the tabby is Oliver. Two brothers. Cute, hunh!??? I will gladly take suggestions for other names and will pass it along to my brother. Keep in mind that the black and white one is the trouble maker of the pair, very outgoing and likes the most attention. The tabby is a little more laid back and the thinker of the pair. Let me know if you have some good names, and I will not accept any cutsey names like Fluffy or Snowball.