Monday, January 19, 2004
everyday is pizza day
Okay, here's today lesson: just because you feel like a million bucks when you wake up, does NOT mean you will remain feeling like that for the rest of the day. I fell for this today in a big way. I felt pretty damn good for the first half of the day believing that I was on the road to recovery and that I'd be back to work by tomorrow. Doctor? I don't need no stinkin' doctor like I thought I did yesterday! Pfft...doctors are for wimps and I'm feeling like I'm ten feet tall and bullet proof.
All that fell apart for me around 3pm when I found myself curled up on the floor waiting for my medication to kick in and take away that horrible, horrible chest pain. Yeah great. Maybe I should have gone to the doctor's been a week of this now. *sigh* Fine I'll go tomorrow. No really, this time I will, I swear.

On a happier note I am once again 'at one' with my Hebrew homework. I had a really wonderful online chat with my new friend Hasidic Gentile, and it inspired me to get back to the books and get past thinking it was too hard for me. And now I am a happy student again, finding myself strangely invigorated by my studies. I REALLY hope I am well enough for my class tomorrow or I might just cry; I can't be missing two classes in a row. Must learn more...MORE!!! :-D

But let's put that aside for a moment and talk about reality shows. And I don't mean Survivor or The Bachelor, I'm talking about the shows on TLC ranging from decorating shows like While You Were Out, to life stories type of shows like A Wedding Story or A Baby Story. I'm on friggin' TLC reality show overload here. I have never watched so many makeovers or decorating nightmares in my LIFE. And I can't help but watch..I've been sucked into bad shows like Date Patrol and I can't break away. Somebody help me!!!!!!!! Even as I type this I have one on the background. Getting back to work may be my only salvation (and who'da thunk I'd actually WANT to go back to work??).

Also, my eating habits have gone into serious decline. I ordered another pizza today, oh yes I did. That's number....five I think, in a week. For shame!! I know, but I don't care, and I'm trying not to think of how much this is costing me. I'm starting to get embarrassed as I wonder what the pizza guy is thinking about my chronic pizza ordering. I'm beginning to toy with the idea of alternating between pizza places. lol. Ok, I realize that sounds pathetic but I live in a very small world right now, cut me some slack.

My grandma has tried to steer me in the direction of healthier eating by dropping off some homemade soup. Oh, and pie. LOL. Now that's REAL love, ladies and gentlemen. But there's only so much soup I can eat (though I can eat rhubarb pie forever) so I finally had to break down and get the pizza today. Tomorrow I'll be able to have soup for lunch (and pie for dessert) and pizza leftovers for dinner (and pie for dessert). Excellent!

And because my world seems to revolve around television and food, let me just say a word or two about Scooby-Doo cereal. While I am not usually a fan of cinnamon flavoured cereals this one is actually pretty good. BUT. Man alive, it leaves the creepiest film of ..ick... in my mouth that I have ever felt. Seriously, I've never eaten cereal that has forced me to run to brush the ROOF of my mouth immediately afterwards. Blecch. So it's good...until you stop eating it. Then it's the gift that keeps on giving. Go ahead, give it a try! lol

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to the business of trying to breathe despite great pain.