Tuesday, December 23, 2003
juice me up, baby!
Well, I got sent home from work early yesterday coz I wasn't feeling well. It wasn't so much for my benefit as for the benefit of my co-workers; no one wants my cooties. So on my way home I stopped at the grocery store and got some orange juice and Scooby-Doo cereal. When I came home I curled up with a letter from my friend in England, and a movie. I fought the good fight, and battled off a fever. Huzzah!

Today I woke up feeling a bit on the cruddy side, and I was told I could stay home again from work today (twist my rubber arm!)... IF I agreed to go get the flu shot. Booooo!! I tried to plead that you can't get the shot when you're sick, but I'm not really feeling that bad, truth be told, so I agreed. I am very anti-flu shot and VERY anti-needle, but I decided to do it coz I love my grandma, and I don't wanna ever make her sick. I don't think she could handle a severe bout of the flu anymore. So despite my fear of needles, I sucked it up and got the shot. And ya know what? I am stunned to admit it didn't hurt!! LOL Now mind you, the last time I got the shot (3 years ago) I felt fine on the day I got it, but wanted to pretty much curl up and die the day or so afterwards. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

After my flu shot I managed to do a little shopping and finish up everyone I needed to get presents for. I think. I'm sure I missed someone, but I got the majors covered, so I think I'm good. Whew. Now I can do a little wrapping and get it under control.

I'm home now, sipping on a juice I made up; carrots, celery, ginger, and apple (with a little lemon and a little lime juice). This is supposed to be good for a cold. We'll see. (note to self: don't put too much ginger in. yow, it's got bite!)
Tonight I am supposed to meet with my friend Corey for his birthday (yes, he's Canadian), but I don't think I'm going to be up for it. That sucks. What should I get him for his birthday? Any suggestions? I'm the worst, I have no idea. Maybe I'll just take him out to dinner when I'm feeling better.

And last but certainly not least my fifth Chanukah gift from my beloved friends and neighbours, Princess Blondie and Bruno; today I opened my door to find cookies to go in the cookie jar I got yesterday. Bruno and I share a special love for maple leaf cookies, that Princess Blondie just cannot understand. lol. You guys continue to make me so happy this season, thank you so much. :-)
Hope everyone is keeping safe and sound. Don't stress! And for those celebrating, tonight we light the fifth candle.