Wednesday, January 28, 2004
I smell winter
I had this dream that I owed the government $7000, and so I fled the country (like that's enough for someone to flee! lol). I guess I'm stressing about this income tax return a little more than I thought. Looks like I'm going to owe about $2600 when all is said and done, but it might as well be $5000. I don't have the money, either way. This is not good. And it really will squash my trip to England in June to see my friend who moved last summer. That's breaking my heart, and I'm afraid to tell her. And it doesn't make me feel any better that I sat down this morning and paid my bills online, to the tune of about $475. Yowsers, that was a lot of coin. *sigh* Sorry, I'll stop whining about my money woes now.

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts....
Ok, how about two of my latest obsessions? Fennel tea and musical group B21. Princess Blondie got me into fennel tea, and I can't stop drinking the stuff now (actually, as I recall it was her boyfriend Bruno who made me my first cup of the stuff). It tastes like anise, for those familiar with that taste (like black licorice or sambuca..but not that strong! much more mild and pleasant. :-). Anyway, it's also nice coz it doesn't have any caffeine (not that I usually care about such things, but it's nice to avoid it if you can) and it's good for your digestive system.
And B21 is a band out of England that has an Indian/Punjabi flavour to it's music (a few songs can be found on the soundtrack to Bend It Like Beckham). I just can't get enough of that beat, it always makes me get up and groove. Lovin' it!

And speaking of Princess Blondie do you know what that darling did yesterday? She brushed the snow off my car for me when she left in the morning. So when I went out to my car it was already cleaned off, much to my surprise. How sweet was that?? She said she didn't want me out in the cold any longer than I had to be. Awww..that girl melts my heart with her thoughtfulness. Later in the day she came knocking on my door and handed me a glass of juice she had just made in her juicer; a healthy blend of carrot, apple, parsley and ginger. It was tasty stuff, and obviously good for me. This girl looks out for my health more than I do! Don't you all wish you had neighbours as sweet as mine???

Anyway, I have been working from home again today, and have yet to report back to work; it's been 2 1/2 weeks. I'm happy to report that I actually got some work done today, and will be heading to work tomorrow. Our snow storm has passed and everyone is getting back into the swing of things (here's some webcams for shots of the snow).
Tonight I'm meeting up with some friends for a girls night out. Dinner and long conversation. Yay.