Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Oh yes, now THIS is what I love!!!! A great big giant snow storm that shuts down everything and everyone! Bwah ha ha!! I want more!!! Oh how I love it so. Snowflakes the size of my fist, and coming down in such quantities it looks like a wall of white in every direction.
I tried leaving my house just now but my car got a bit stuck at the top of the driveway, so I gave up. I could have made it out of my driveway with a little effort but I was afraid I'd never get back in again; I took it as a sign and opted not to push my luck. I only wish now that I had gotten more movies when I was renting some yesterday. Oh well. And no Hebrew class tonight! *pout* It's ok, I called the school, the missing class will be added to the end of the semester. Hurray!

Let's talk about somewhere a little hotter for a minute. Somewhere like...oh I dunno.....Israel, maybe? :-) Well it is Combat Anti-Semitism Day today!! (have you hugged a Jew today?? lol! WHY NOT??) Anyway, yet another poll has been published illustrating that Europeans just aren't all that fond of Jews. Seems that "46% of those interviewed feel Jews are "different," 9% of respondents do not "like or trust Jews," and 15% would prefer that Israel not exist. "
Would prefer it didn't exist???? I'm sorry is Israel BOTHERING you over there in Belgium??? The list of other such wonderful preferences, stereotypes and overall disapproval can be found here if you're interested. It's amazing what many Europeans think of Jews and Israel.

On the flipside of the matter, the Australian Foreign Minister is visiting Israel right now and made firm statements in support of Israel, including an open invitation for Israelis to immigrate to Australia if they want to. He says the door is always open to Israelis and Jews. As well, he supports the security fence being built to help keep suicide bombers out. It's a controversial issue that many don't have all the facts on before making judgments (for instance, there is a similar fence between the USA and Mexico. Why isn't the world freaking out about that and screaming oppression and apartheid? for more information on similar fences around the world click here). Anyway, it's nice to get a little support right now since Israel has taken a bit of a beating in the media lately (mostly about the fence issue). Thank you, Alexander Downer! Israel needs more people like you.

On a completely different note I'd like to talk about my Aunt Kathy today. I've been told most of my life that I look a lot like her (much to my mother's chagrin, since I look nothing like either of my parents) and I have always quietly enjoyed that fact. Kathy and I looked very similar as children, blonde hair, blue eyes, and adorable as anything you've ever seen. For some reason we seemed to have a quiet bond, and for that I am grateful.
Five years ago today I sat by her bedside while she took her last breath and gave up the good fight against cancer. I spent two weeks at her bedside with my family, and we were all with her at the end. It was a cool January in British Columbia and the longest two weeks of my life. But I am glad we were all there with her at the end, including my poor grandmother who had to sit bedside and watch her oldest daughter die. Even sadder was that she was the second daughter my grandma had lost; my mother is the only surviving child out of three.
So today my family has made an effort to call and e-mail each other, sharing stories, pictures and memories. I called my grandma to make sure she was ok, and she was doing her best to stay strong. I asked that everyone try their best to remember Kathy with a smile not a tear.
And just for you guys I have included a picture of me and my aunt rolling around on the lawn having fun. :-) That's how I like to remember her....

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