Friday, December 19, 2003
Chag Sameach
Okay, do we all know who Princess Blondie is? My friend and neighbour across the hall? Well let me just tell you how much I adore this girl (as if I haven't before). Today as I was leaving my apartment I found a present taped to my door. My darling neighbour had taped Chanukah mints to the lock on my door!! How sweet is this girl??? THANK YOU, PRINCESS BLONDIE!!

The timing couldn't be better because I have just *not* been able to get into the holiday spirit. I have one foot in the world of Christmas, and one foot in the world of Chanukah, and sometimes it can be a little tough. But when I found those mints this morning I had a smile on my face that went from ear to ear. It was about the sweetest thing ever to have someone acknowledge Chanukah to me in a world swirling with Christmas music and maniacal shoppers. THAT is what friends are all about. Mwah!! Now I'm am finally excited about the holidays!!!

So yes, I'd like to extend a Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish readers. May you and your families celebrate great joy and love together over the next 8 days (in other words, stuff yourself with plenty of latkes and sufganiot!). Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom! And if you are getting tired and frustrated over the holidays (family has a way of doing that), you may toss sufganiot at various politicians. Give it a try, you'll feel better. (thanks to Imshin for the link)
And for those who are interested you may find out more about Chanukah here, and here (it begins at sunset tonight).