Saturday, December 20, 2003
and the hits just keep on comin'!
I am having a wonderful weekend, and it's only Saturday morning. Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. Always fun. And last night I lit the first candle on my Chanukiyah. I am in love with my Chanukiyah because it was hand made by my friend; he works with metal and I think he does beautiful work. When he and his wife moved to England this year he gave it me before he left. I will love and treasure it always. Isn't it stunning?? *sigh*

A few minutes ago there was a knock at my apartment door. I wonder what Princess Blondie is up to this morning, I think to myself as I walk to the door (maybe she was looking for toilet paper, she had just texted my phone looking for some. LOL!!). When I opened my door I found a gift at my doorstep. With a grin growing from ear to ear, yet again, I snatched it up and ran into my apartment. I opened it up to find the Coca-Cola logo, in Hebrew, in a frame so I can hang it up. *GRIN* She is genius!! Our hours together watching Survivor have tipped her off to my love for Coke, and she managed to tie it into something Hebrew for me for a Chanukah present. This girl seriously wants me to cry or something; she is just being too sweet to me. I cannot believe how thoughtful she is.... wow. This here is a friend I'm not letting go of, she is one in a million. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! mwah!!! :'-) (I have hung it in my kitchen until I can find somewhere better for it)

My day can only get better from here. Well except that I am about to go into work for a few hours if you can imagine. Blah. But no problem, I have a great night ahead of me. I am getting together with my Gang of Friends for a huge potlock dinner. I can't wait. I love these people so much, they are like family to me. This will definitely be one of the highlights for the holidays. My god, do I have the best friends ever or what?? I am SO grateful. I will gather with my friends, eat tons of food, swap presents, play cards and laugh the night away. Today, my heart sings. :-D