Sunday, November 09, 2003
Let your soul be your pilot
I have had the best weekend. Good and bad peppered the last few days, making it an overall rewarding time for me.
I spent some quality time with family and friends. I headed out on a new path investigating a possible congregation, and am happy to report I think we have a fit. It was wonderful. As I stated, I find religion to be a very personal matter, so I will not go into greater detail, but know that I am deeply excited by the connection I have made.

My parents have come home after a week in Savannah, Georgia and seem happy and re-energized. Tomorrow is my father's birthday, so I look forward to showering him with presents and love, coz my dad rocks. However, tomorrow will be a long day for me, for I will be going to Windsor to work all day. It's a fair drive, I think about 4 hours from here, so I'll likely stay overnight.

In other news, my mother has told me that my grandmother has gone out to a protest today, being the fiery 83 year old that she is. Disturbingly, it's against gay marriages. Now, we could ALL get into a large debate on this matter, but I'm not interested. Everyone has their owns feelings on the matter, and that's fine. I'm just annoyed that my grandmother is so bothered by it that she's actually participating in a protest. Just what catastrophic event does she think will occur if two people get married? The end of civilization as we know it? And really, how is it going to affect HER? What does SHE care if a couple want to make it legal and share the same rights as others?
tsk. I'm not even going to go there, it'll get me all fired up and then we'll get an ugly debate going. My basic principle is live and let live; these people did nothing to my grandmother. *sigh* Some generations will never understand. (hey, remember when women weren't allowed to vote? 'nuff said)

On a happier note I got to talk to my friends over in England yesterday. I had sent a package a while back, and I was happy to hear it was extremely well received by their son. I had included tablets that you drop in the bath water to change the colour, and apparently he is now far more willing than ever to take a bath. LOL! Green water is his favourite.
Anyway, my friends have begun to really settle in now, never an easy feat in a new country. I am looking forward to hopping on a plane next year to see them (and their new baby, due next week!). I will not let oceans separate me from my friends. :-D

How was everyone else's weekend?