Friday, November 07, 2003
rollerskate skinny
I'm in a happy mood today. Things just kinda went my way, ya know? Doesn't happen too often, so I must revel in the moment.

I went for dim sum with a good friend of mine (we'll call her....Hannah), which was fun coz I haven't seen her in a month or so. It's bizarre how someone can be just 10 minutes down the road, but you never find time to hook up. Silly. So we had lunch, and this has made me happy. I think we also did well to amuse the restaurant workers. Watching two confused caucasian girls trying to order food that they don't know the name of in a Chinese restaurant, where the waiters english is passable at best. Fun for all. lol! " you have any of ..those....uh...white rice...noodles...things...they wrap around some kinda....uh...meat. And there's some sort of....sauce on"
Yup. But we managed and it was TASTY!

Then on my way home I got a call that I don't have to go to Ottawa next week afterall. Whew, this makes me VERY happy. Apparently my presence is no longer required, which now leaves me able to go to class on Tueday and watch my shows on Thursday! YAY!!! And no cold unhappy trip to Ottawa. Double yay!

So Betty Crocker and I are whipping up a cake right now, to go along with the dinner I'm making for my brother and his girlfriend tonight (we'll call them Brad and Faye). Should be nice, I think dinner is gonna be yummy. And what could be better than a little bonding time with my brother? My mom will nearly weep when she hears that we did just warms her heart, this kind of thing. *shrug* Whatever makes her happy. lol
(I mean come on mom....we stopped beating each other up years ago. LOL)

It's a good Friday for me, hope it has been for you guys too.
Want some cake? (chocolate marble!)